Restaurant Review: Milestones Grill and Bar (Robson)

No pictures of food today because I would like to post a complimentary review for Milestones:

A week or so ago I went to Milestones with Mushroom, some of our friends, and my boyfriend for lunch during their work lunch hours. Even though the group was on the clock and time was of the essence, I was quite happy that we all managed to meet up and chat over something yummy. Of course, I was starving (I’m always starving haha), and I was really excited to eat.

However, half an hour later and no waitress even came near our section. We were starting to get frustrated because the closest one was the one across the room. Finally, one of the managers came by our table and took our order – she was very pleasant. Since most of us were on our lunch break, it was getting too late and we couldn’t wait any longer for our food to come (by this time it was nearly an hour wait) and we were quite grumpy – though we tried to be civilized about it. We asked the manager to just bag up our food to go, and when she came, our lunch was on the house!!! 😀

I was so surprised that I totally forgot about being hungry, and I was very happy in the end regardless of the hour wait for service and food. I went back again yesterday for a large birthday dinner for a friend, and the service was excellent this time around and there wasn’t an empty water glass. Thank you, Milestones, for keeping your customers happy. I had an enjoyable experience upon my return last night.


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