Littlesheepy Update: PLL, sick with the flu, daryl dixon

Hey guys, it’s littlesheepy~ this will be a diary type post, kind of like an update 🙂


I’ve been a bit MIA recently from lescoronniers – my whole family was sick the beginning of the year and I got so cocky because I didn’t get sick (I’m usually the first to get sick lol). Karma eventually bit me where it hurt and I spent the last week in bed and away from my friends, using up boxes of tissues and eating nothing but porridge for days. It was not a fun time, let me tell you. Still feeling a little under the weather but at least I feel well enough to do my hair and makeup and look… normal lol.

However, I did spend my time in bed wisely and FINALLYYYYYYY caught up on the third season of Pretty Little Liars! It was a long time coming as my head was a little messed up from finishing the first and second season straight, and I needed a kind of hiatus from getting my head messed up too much. A funny side story: I turned off all my lights (it adds to the ambiance of the show, you know!), wrapped up in my blanket and was watching a really scary part of Pretty Little Liars when my mother walked in my room all stealthily and said my name really creepily. Needless to say, I freaked out and almost got a heart attack hahahhaahhaaha. I literally did not hear her walk in my room! XD Anyways, a post on Pretty Little Liars season 3 will come, I’m just working on it! 🙂 So much to talk about – it must be so hard to be the love interest of these girls. My favourite since the first season was Hanna and she is still my favourite of the main girls, she’s soooo funny and says the most dumbest things at the most inappropriate times! Lol.

Anyways, while I was sick and down with the flu, I found a really funny tumblr site: 28 reasons why Daryl Dixon is the sexiest man on The Walking Dead. It was a little much for me and I was laughing so hard even though I could barely talk – it was more like frog croaking lol. My favourite reason is #4, Other times, his hair flutters slightly in the wind and I black out a little. I just love this guy. 🙂

Regular posting schedule will resume later this week from Littlesheepy! 🙂 A little side note – I’m glad more of other Taylor Swift songs are being played on the radio. I was getting kind of sick of her more more popular songs being overplayed on the radio. It’s rare when I like an entire album~~


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