Jinwoon ♥ Junhee, Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa, Jung Chi ♥ Jung In – We Got Married Episode 164 Part 1


If you haven’t notice, I tend to only recap parts with Jinwoon ♥ Junhee and Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa as the main focus. Honestly speaking, I am not all that interested with the Jung Chi ♥ Jung In duo. This week’s recap will be the same. I will not write about the parts that are not centered around Jinwoon ♥ Junhee or Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa. Also, I’m releasing this week’s recaps in two parts!


This week’s episode picks up from last week where Kwanghee was driving Sunhwa, Jung Chi and Jung In to the We Got Married village. Jung In is excited to see the houses at the WGM village. From what Jung Chi knows, the houses for Jinwoon ♥ Junhee and Jung Chi ♥ Jung In are not fixed. They need to decide on which house to live in. Jung Chi wants the house with the pool i.e. ex-Julien ♥ Seah’s house. Sunhwa tells them that Jinwoon and Junhee also want to live in the house with the pool. The previous residents of the pool were elected the village chief and Jung In desires that sort of power and status. Jung Chi tattled on Jung In saying that she will be bad in those roles. She was once a planner for a trip but everyone got lost, she was an accountant and the organization went bankrupt and she once had train tickets for 30 people but arrived late at the station!


Sunhwa suggested that they get Jinwoon and Junhee to come to the WGM village as well because they will need to decide fairly on who gets which house. She calls Jinwoon and he answered with a “Hello, my brotha!” Sunhwa noona is calling! Heck, I had no idea that Sunhwa was older than Jinwoon! Junhee sure has a young one in her hands… Sunhwa asked Jinwoon to head to the WGM village and tells him that the detail of the visit will be discussed later. Jinwoon asks for the address of the village and this was a shock to Jung In because she has expected them to have seen the houses already.


They arrive at the village and not too long later they see a red car drive up to the driveway. Jinwoon is here! Jung Chi watches the red car with expectation but his face fell when Jinwoon told him that Junhee did not come with him. Junhee was filming a commercial and will join them later in the day. Jung Chi expressed is disappointment to Jinwoon saying that he’s not very glad that Jinwoon came alone. LOL! This happens if you have a hot wife. Jinwoon, Jung Chi and Jung In started arguing about who gets to choose the house first and Kwanghee and Sunhwa stepped aside so that they are not involved in the argument. They already have a house anyway!


Kwanghee and Sunhwa invited their three guests into their house. Jung In first reveals her gift for the hosts. She starts explaining about rubber gloves and how it is hard to get off when it is wet. Jinwoon, Kwanghee and Sunhwa listen to her attentively. It’s funny how the screen caption put text under Jung In’s shot just like the home shopping channel. Jung In explains that she has invented something called Ring Rubber Gloves to solve their problems.


She cuts a ring out of a finger of a glove and glues it on another glove. This creates a little tab (?) where you can hang the gloves on hooks. Downside to this little project? You waste a perfectly good glove by cutting out finger size rings that are to be attached on another glove. Do it the Mushroom (my) way! I’ve done this before and it works, trust me. Cut a hole near the opening of the glove. You want to leave at least 2cm space from the opening. You can now hang the gloves to dry. The size of the hole depends on the size of your hooks in your house. Less wastage and a lot more eco-friendly!

Sunhwa tests it out but is not gentle enough with the tabs/rings, so the ring goes flying in the air. Twice. Lo and behold, a flaw to this idea!


Jung In has another gift. Since Jinwoon (click this link and you will be rewarded 😉 )and Kwanghee have been on Law of the Jungle before, they will not find the next gift too bizarre. Or so she thinks… She hands the colourful boxes face down to Jinwoon. He takes them, flips them over to face up and screams while he tosses the boxes on the floor. I don’t know if the barbeque or sour cream and onion flavours help at all. Bugs are bugs and they’re nasty. No arguments about it. And no, it is not supposed to taste like chicken. If it does, then that’s some messed up chicken you’re eating.


Kwanghee suggests that they have an eating competition and the one who eats the most bugs will get the right to choose between the houses. Jung In cheers upon hearing that while Jinwoon crinkles his nose while protesting against it. Kwanghee brings out some bowls for the bugs. Even if it is served on a silver platter, bugs are just bugs! Jung In tells everyone that it tastes like shrimp crackers. I wonder what kind of shrimp crackers she’s been eating… Jung Chi pushes Jung In to take up the eating competition. Jung Chi looks like he is going to be sick any minute. They do rock paper scissors and Jung Chi wins. He screams out loud with joy. Jinwoon says that it’s the loudest he’s ever been on the show.

Jung Chi eats a caterpillar and Jinwoon matches her then eats another. Jung Chi eats another caterpillar to match up to Jinwoon then eats a cricket. I think it smells because she takes a second to catch her breath. She says that it tastes like cheese. Now this comparison I don’t mind because there is that terrible tasting blue cheese. Jinwoon eats a cricket and commented that indeed it tastes like cheese. He then pops a grasshopper into his mouth. Yoo Jaesuk, beware! Jung In gets confused and eats another cricket instead. They declare that this is a never-ending game and should compete in something that can be judged fairly. Kwanghee suggests that each couple will choose a game to compete in, and the couple that wins the competition gets to pick the house they will live in. They decide to first compete in the game that Jinwoon chose.


Jinwoon chose something they call ‘disco pang pang’ which is a spinning ride that can tilt from side to side and also shake. Think one HUUUUGE spinning teacup that can fit, say, 30 people but you have to hold onto the sides of the ride to keep yourself from falling off your seat. There is a DJ that controls the spin and shakes plus will shine a spotlight onto a player on the ride to make fun of the person.


They find a disco pang pang indoors and Jinwoon explains that whoever holds on the longest will win the game. Jung In threatens to start the game immediately without Junhee (gives them the advantage with 2 against 1) but Junhee arrives seconds after Jung In declared her threat. Jung Chi is almost melting at the sight of Junhee. He probably would have given up the house with the pool to Junhee if she merely winked at him. LOL! Jinwoon and Junhee shows off their couple sneakers. Jinwoon formally introduces Junhee to Jung Chi and Jung In and all Jung Chi could do was this awkward clap while saying hello.


They start on one side of the disco pang pang and there are cameramen on the other opposite side. I wonder how they are holding on while holding video cameras in their hands. The DJ starts by picking on Jinwoon asking him to show some aegyo. He does an ang and a peace sign which is crazy cute and give me goosebumps at the same time. Ugh, Korean men and their aegyo. Jinwoon’s aegyo infuriated the DJ so the spinning and shaking gets worse.


It was Jung Chi’s turn to show some aegyo and … *sigh* I can’t write anymore. It’s too much for me to handle. Jung In’s t-shirt should say “Ack!” instead. He gets shot with a gust of wind. Jung In is the next target and she does an “oppa~!” whine. The speed of the spin increases, the shaking gets more violent and she too gets shot with a gust of wind. The DJ continues to do this with everyone and the spinning and shaking depended on their responses to the questions. Jung In finally gave up and fell to the ground. She is eliminated from the game.


They do another round of the disco pang pang with three players. They start spinning again and Junhee ends up very close to Jung Chi. The DJ asked if Junhee was Jung Chi’s wife and he said yes (only in his dreams). Jinwoon disagreed and the DJ made the ride spin wild. Jung Chi bobs up and down like a rag doll and his glasses has a life of its own. Jung Chi cannot hold on any longer and ends up on the floor. Jinwoon and Junhee win this game!


They move to the second location for a game Jung Chi has picked out. While they were in the car, they had a chat. The other two couples were impressed that Jung Chi and Jung In have dated for 11 years and never broke up. Interesting. I had no idea they were the real deal. See what I said about not being interested in these two? I have not been watching their cuts since they started appearing on WGM. Jinwoon asks his question about the standard of cheating, the question they have been discussing since last episode. Jung In answers that she does not trust Jung Chi because he tends to be popular with the girls. However, the fact that he has such low stamina is comforting because he does not have the energy to be two-timing. LOL! I like her already.


They arrive at the second location which is a sauna. Jung Chi says that it is a test of a man’s body. Then he bursts out laughing. Even he thinks that it is a little hilarious saying that about a battle between him and a guy who has been on the cover of Men’s Health. (Yes, just using this as an excuse to post this picture again).


They change into their sauna clothes. Jinwoon is one big guy because Jung In does not even reach his shoulder height. He has a perfect view of the top of her head! The longest person to endure the ice room wins the game. Jung Chi is very confident about resisting the cold. Junhee comments that she can’t resist the cold so Jinwoon tells her to come near with outstretched arms. Kwanghee shoots Sunhwa a look suggesting that he too wants a hug from Sunhwa. (There’s so little Kwanghee and Sunhwa in this episode!)


Man, there are four ice slabs in the ice room! Kwanghee says something that make the most sense the entire day: they could have just had a peaceful negotiation in the comfort of his house but instead they had to go to the torturous ice room. Jung Chi and Jung In stayed in an embrace to resist the cold. Aww, Jinwoon’s face totally says that he wants to do the same with Junhee.

Part 2 Here!


2 thoughts on “Jinwoon ♥ Junhee, Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa, Jung Chi ♥ Jung In – We Got Married Episode 164 Part 1

  1. Why don’t the real couple get married? Isn’t Korea a conservative country? & in any case, isn’t it weird not to marry but stay together for 11 years? Seems like there are commitment issues – or desperation to look a rebel…

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