Favourite Makeup Item Award goes to

Recently I’ve been reorganizing my makeup collection. By no means do I have a  “collection” compared to the Youtube guru standards, but the ones that I have on hand are ones that I use on a daily basis and I rotate them. I realized that I own a lot more variety of blushes than I have of any other kind of makeup! I do have backups of my foundation and powder (don’t like to be caught red handed when the last drop arrives and I might need it for a hot date!), but I have the most variety of blush.

These are a few of my favourite blushes that I own currently (from L to R) MAC Peaches, NARS Orgasm, Elf Candid Coral, F21 Love Beauty, Rimmel in Pink Rose, Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush in Hot Tomali, and Canmake #07.

Girls, I’m sure we all have those days where your boyfriend or hot date comes to your house right on time to pick you up for your date. Of course, you spent most of the time trying to find something cute to wear, and when he arrives you are halfway doing your face! That’s always the case with my boyfriend and I (he doesn’t mind, though, sometimes I let him play MUA!) and he would always complain right after I even out my skintone with foundation that I look too pale and ghostly. Blush just makes a nice finishing touch to your makeup routine~

In my teens I preferred the young, cute look that pink blush gave off, but as time passed I much prefer more subdued shades such as peaches. I really like the Maybelline Hot Tomali currently, it looks scary in the pan but start out sheer and work your way to your desired opacity. The shade gives you the kind of glow that looks so natural, your hot date would think you’re blushing because of them 😀

The only shades that I have not ventured out to trying yet are berries and plums. Have any of you girls worn deeper, richer coloured blushes? Which colours do you recommend for a fairer skin tone?


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