The Long Brothers: A Story of Perserverance

Yes, I am a crier when I watch sappy love movies (like the time I watched Dear John with a girlfriend and we ended up crying buckets near the end). I don’t remember crying during the original Titanic when it first came out because my family and I were at the front row seats (the worst seats to be sitting in a super long movie like that!).

But when I read an article online and watched their supplementary video about their story, it really touched my heart and I started crying buckets a la Dear John. The older brother, Conner (9), supports his special needs brother, Cayden (6) through track and bike races.  To Conner, although they may not win the race (whether track or bike), but seeing the smile and hearing his brother laugh during the race makes him feel like a winner inside.

I feel that children growing up with children with special needs really makes them grow up a lot faster, and they appreciate their own life more than anything. I feel that these special needs children are really the light to any family, as they give their family members a chance to not only do everyday actions without thinking, but allow their family members to do everyday actions with feelings and love.

❤ :’)


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