Sneak Peek of We Got Married Episode 163

The two couples meet up for a meal…

Junhee is fascinated by Kwanghee saying that he’s like a talking doll that never seem to cease talking.

Jinwoon and Junhee look forward to seeing Kwanghee eat noodles with his hand. Unfortunately, Sunhwa noticed their gazes and cuts the noodles for Kwanghee with a pair of scissors.

Kwanghee accidentally dissed Junhee with his comment about cooking. Jinwoon finds it hilarious!

They go on a camping trip together and Junhee has a little chat with Sunhwa about Jo In Sung….

…while Jinwoon gets some tutoring about skinship from Kwanghee. Really? Of all people…?

Jinwoon and Junhee are given a bag of mandarins to try er… an indirect bobo (peck or light kiss).

Sunhwa gets a ring!


4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of We Got Married Episode 163

    • I had to google Jaehyo from Block B. Haha! Not too familiar with the newer idol groups. After seeing his picture I see where you are coming from 😉

      For that sorta pretty boy, I pick CN Blue’s Jonghyun. When both he and Woobin appeared on the same screen on A Gentleman’s Dignity, I thought my comp screen was gonna crack from the prettiness

      • You know who I’d love to see on this? gDragon. I think he’d be really romantic and just super cute and awesome. But my guess is he’s too big a star. Still KwangHee almost came off straight in this episode. And it was so funny that Junhee thought him cute but Sunhwa was surprised.

        Anyway, it was cute their romantic interaction, even I’m still convinced its fag and hag…

      • Shinhwa’s Eric would be good on WGM too… He’s so cute and crazy

        Yeah Kwanghee is more manly in this episode! But him locking eyes with Jinwoon for that skinship tutorial is kinda icky….

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