How Long does your Makeup Last?


Good morning, girls! Have you ever wondered, while you open the drawer to your vanity, when to actually throw out the old stuff (and yes, have an excuse to go shopping at Sephora or the drugstore again hehe)?

As spring is just around the corner, let’s do some digging of old products for the sake of spring cleaning!

According to the above chart, the makeup items with the lowest shelf life are (obviously for this one) Mascara for 3 months, foundation , concealer, eyeshadow, nailpolish and anti-aging products for 1 year. Everything else seems to have a crazy shelf life of at least three years. I do have to admit though, I bought some backup liquid foundation that’s still backup (been trying a lot of fun, new liquid foundations at the drugstore lately!) and I haven’t even opened the bottle yet. Does that still count? I don’t even remember when I bought them…. lol oops.

What is the oldest thing thats lying in your makeup collection right now?


One thought on “How Long does your Makeup Last?

  1. I just threw out a bunch of lipsticks since they didn’t feel “me” anymore. The only thing is, they were Revlon color stay, so although I was fed up with the so-so colours, I was happy with not worrying about uneven lipstick from eating or lipstick bleed.

    So can you guys write a post on how to fix these problems with regular lipstick?

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