Friday Five: K-entertainment

Five news articles that I have read and what I think about it 😉

jo in sung

Jo In Sung and We Got Married

Sorry, but an A-lister like that ain’t gonna be on a show like We Got Married.  It’s never happened but there’s always hope, yeah?  According to Go Junhee, the delish Jo In Sung watches We Got Married and enjoys it very much.  So we viewers don’t look too silly enjoying the antics of two people in a fake relationship having fake feelings for each other.

I really need to get our readers commenting!  Tell me who you would like to see paired up with Jo In Sung on We Got Married?


G.O. has a beard again?

I dunno about you, but I like my idol group boys clean shaven and keep the pretty boy look.  We’ve got Cha Seung Won for the ‘stash.  He exudes charisma that any idol boy cannot pull off.  Idol boys gotta lay of that eyeliner and lip gloss too.

shinhwashinhwa dorks

Shinhwa Broadcast’s new concept

I love Shinhwa Broadcast!  The first ‘season’ was the best.  I had no idea who Shinhwa was except that lots of younger idol groups always mention them like they are some sorta legend.  I was in a K-variety drought (heh, silly me) and decided to watch an episode of Shinhwa Broadcast.  I laughed till I cried!  That’s how great they are!  The second ‘season’ fell a little flat for me because they were stuck to a recording studio for most of the time but I still enjoyed Shin Hye Sung’s little corner, Shin Brief, before they start the show.  I hope they think through the concept for the third ‘season’.  Honestly it doesn’t sound too appealing!  But I’ll watch it anyway.  Eric’s 4D, Shin Hye Sung’s awkwardness, and all the other craziness Jun Jin, Dong Wan, Minwoo and Andy bring will surely make up for the lacking concept.


Kwanghee & Sunhwa are not leaving We Got Married

Don’t worry, our comic relief on We Got Married are not leaving the show!  Keep watching their silly antics (and reading my recaps 😉 )  They will have a double date with Jinwoon-Junhee couple in tomorrow’s episode.  Stick around!

lee minho

Lee Min Ho’s new drama

This handsome boy is going to star in a new drama!  I watched Boys over Flowers and City Hunter.  Couldn’t sit through Personal Taste and Faith.  I could see a pretty boy behind that crazy perm while he was on Boys over Flowers but it was City Hunter that really solidify him a pretty boy in my dictionary.  Remember him fighting off a baddie with a spoon?  I need to learn how to do that.

*Picture as credited or credits to whoever gets pulled up by Google Image. Promise I’ll try to be nicer with the credits next time.


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