Thursday Thoughts: What if everyone can hear what you are thinking?

20130313-131545.jpgIt was in the first year of high school when I watched the last few episodes of the J-dorama (Japanese drama) called Satorare (2002).  No, I wasn’t a fan of Japanese entertainment, but it just so happened to be on TV and I was intrigued.  I managed to catch two or three episodes of the drama and let me tell you it still haunts me to this day.  No, it is not a horror drama.  It’s the situation that is horrifying.

Drama Synopsis

A young, good-hearted doctor Kenichi suffers from a rare syndrome whereby his feelings cannot be hidden.  Such people are known as “satorare” and their well-being come under special government protection.

As the young doctor’s thoughts/feelings are always heard by hospital colleagues, this creates much inconvenience to them and they try to drive him away. In steps a beautiful female doctor [Noriko] tries to shield him from the cruel reality of his uniqueness. (Source:

Starring: Odagiri Joe as Satomi Kenichi; Tsuruta Mayu as Hoshino Noriko

Now I have no idea who these actors or actresses are in this series so I can’t rave about them.  You are always welcomed to leave your comments below if you have seen the drama.

What the synopsis does not tell you is the way that this Kenichi character’s feelings and thoughts cannot be hidden.  Everything that goes through his mind is broadcasted and amplified so people around him can hear it.  Gasp!


Blood type comic strip from U-Kiss’ Vampire
Uploaded by Ryeongmin88 on Youtube

Imagine if this happened in real life and you are one of the ‘Satorare’.  Life will be hell.  It’s like playing poker but showing everyone your cards.  It is bad enough that body language gives us away from time to time.  If my full thoughts were to be known by everyone, might as well put me in a box and ship me to a deserted island.  (Guess my blood type according to the comic strip 😛 )

I bet you are all too familiar with the time when you try to be civil while putting a smile on your face but cursing up a storm in your mind.  Or the time you were checking out a cute guy or girl.  Man, all these would be known to those around you.  Imagine how embarrassing things would be?  I used to have this teaching assistant/tutor that had the bluest eyes.  But he is old, balding and not very good looking.  He does have pretty eyes.  Every time he looks in my direction I’d think to myself, “those eyes are sooo blue…” and curse myself right after.  Dayum, if he were to hear all that I would curl up into a ball and die.

What do you think?  What if your thoughts are like a 24 hour FM radio?  Will you be proud of your thoughts?


One thought on “Thursday Thoughts: What if everyone can hear what you are thinking?

  1. I’m a satorare believe it or not. I’m dead serious. I hate my condition. Mine is worse than Kenichi. I can “broadcast” all of my feelings,thoughts more that 12 meters. Even strangers know what kind of person I am. I feel it’s not fair that a stranger can judge me without knowing who I am. But, the fact is it’s all audible.

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