Les Trois Cordonniers Two-Monthsary!

Two candle cupcake

Little Sheepy

Yayy! Can’t believe it’s been already two months in the blogosphere. And I totally lol’d at Mushroom’s description of our blog – good bathroom reading material! If you like our posts or if something speaks out to you, please pass it on! We love being interactive with our viewers!

This month I’ve gone a bit crazy with the entertainment sector. Who can forget Jennifer Lawrence’s hilarious semi-drunk press speech at the Oscars? I’ve included a few more varieties in my Wednesday Love List, a column that I’m writing that describes my current obsessions. I’ve also gone personal with a topic about letting go. As previously mentioned, we joined the Twitter world this month! You can follow us @lescordonniers. 🙂

As the months go by, we love seeing how our little blog grows.

In the end, that’s what we want when we start up something, right? It could be purely just for hobby purposes, but it’s very rewarding when we can find a connection with our audience.


Gah! Me and my bad titles… Just roll with it 😉
Recap for the month! Also a good chance to bring attention to less read posts. Yeah, we check the stat page obsessively. So tell your friends to read them, send links to your classmates or tell your besties to read them while they’re in the bathroom. We’re pretty good bathroom reading material! But you may get a very messed up tablet or smartphone. Wipe it down with hand sanitizer, thank you.

So these are some of the posts that I have written within the last month *cough* low view stats *cough*.  Product Placement in Level 7 Civil Servant The Innocent Man

I also wandered into Little Sheepy’s turf writing tiny posts on US TV series Golden Boy The Face

Some of my insane posts Nutella Lamentation about the Internet Shoes and Catwoman

See anything you like? Want to see something new?  Tell me so I can write more of those!  Leave your comments below, tweet us or email us!  Email and twitter can be found on our sidebar.

Thank you all for reading!  Gracias! Merci!


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