Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 162

Final instalment of the Moon Brothers Adventures! Bravo, Sunhwa! I wouldn’t have lasted an hour with three kids under the age of 8.

A little housekeeping to go through… Had a little trouble finding raw videos of the show. There was one but I was a little to late and it got taken down :/ So this week you have to bear with the screen caps with Chinese subs all over it. Sorry, I guess you just have to try to unsee it! Credits and thanks to those at baidu but I doubt they’ll start hunting down and reading an English site *grins*.


So at the end of last week we see Kwanghee annouced that he will be ditching Sunhwa leaving her with the three boys. Thank goodness it’s not a messy divorce, custody battle and child support story. He’s heading out for a few hours and will be back.  His excuse is that Maden likes her a lot so she has to take care of the boys.


He gets up to leave, tells Sunhwa fighting and is out the door.  He gets in the car while wearing house slippers.


Sunhwa is baffled by the situation and sits in silence for a few seconds.  She asks the boys what they should do.  How about taking a nap?  Maven protested.


Sunhwa tries again but the boys shake their heads hard to refuse.  She takes out some drawing blocks for the kids and asked them to sketch her face.  Darling Maden says that he’ll draw a pretty picture of Sunhwa.  Maven says that he’ll do the same but Maden is very sure that he’ll do a better job.


Mason burst out laughing after seeing Maven’s drawing.  It looks like an octopus!  Mason does a better (?) job drawing Sunhwa with a lazy eye, triangle nose and a croissant for a mouth.  Sunhwa is speechless.  Maden draws Sunhwa’s nose under her mouth.  Interesting interpretation…


Uncle Kwanghee’s turn!  Sunhwa pointed at the poster picture of Kwanghee above the couch.  The top drawing in the screen cap is by Maden, the second is by Mason, and last is by Maven.  After some bugging from the boys, Sunhwa gave a score of 15 points for Maden’s drawing, 50 points to Mason and 30 points to Maven.  Maden is in last place and doesn’t look too thrilled about it.

Sunhwa tries to get them to take a nap again but fails.  I think the boys are way too excited and having too much fun to really want to go to sleep.


Sunhwa suggested they make some cookies.  The boys are in cute little aprons.  There is a box of ingredients on the table so Mason takes the time to unload the box.  Maven gets his hands on the bag of sugar, give it a hit and the bag busted open getting sugar all over the table.  Sunhwa is irritated by it.


She tells them not to touch anything but to place their hands above their heads to make a circle.  Smart idea.  The kids maintain their circles while she wipes the table.  Once she’s done cleaning up, she forgets to tell them to put their hands down.  Sweet Mason asks for permission to do so and she let them lower their hands.

They take interest in the syrup that Sunhwa was pouring into the bowl.  She hands the last bits of syrup in the sachet for Mason to squeeze out which he happily did.  Maven wanted to try it to so Mason gives him the sachet and he squeezed every last drop.  Maden says he wants to try it too but was totally ignored.  Mason did not let him try squeezing out the contents of the sachet.  Mason announced that they are done with the syrup and Sunhwa disposed of the sachet not knowing the situation.  Maden starts to sulk then tells on his older brother to Sunhwa.  She promises him that he gets to do the next thing.


She tells them to do rock paper scissors and the winner gets to stir the cookie batter.  Maden loses the first round and gets pout-ier.  Maven wins the game so he gets to stir the batter.  Once the batter is mixed well, Sunhwa showed them how to shape them.  The kids join in.

Once they are done shaping the cookies, Sunhwa put the cookies into the microwave and gave it a zap.  Never tried baking cookies in the microwave before.  I think anything cooked in the microwave does not taste as good.


The kids start decorating their cookies.  Maden grabs fistful of sprinkles and chocolate chips then proceed to drown his cookie in strawberry syrup.


Mason and Maven tells Sunhwa about what Maden has done so she walks to the dining table wondering what the fuss is about.  Mason and Maven plugged their ears with their fingers ready for Sunhwa to blow a fuse.  I think this typically happens at home.  Maden has a huge pout and looks like he’s about to cry.  Sunhwa lets out a loud “Ya~~~!” which scared Maden and he started to bawl.  Sunhwa has to pick him up to try to stop him from crying.


Sunhwa tells Maden that the cookie he made looks delicious.  She breaks off a piece and eats it.  She gives some to Maden and Mason and they to say that it tastes yummy.  They all applauded to show how tasty the cookie was.  Only then did Maden stop crying.


They finish decorating their cookies and Mason says that he’s hungry.  Sunhwa suggested that they have some fried eggs.  Why not just heat up the left over pizza and jajangmeon?  The boys start eating the sprinkles and cookie decorations while they wait for their fried eggs.  Sunhwa catches them snacking on those sugary treats and asked them to stop eating.  Hands above your head!  Mason and Maven obeyed but adorable-turn-irritable Mason starts wailing again.  She goes crazy with his crying and starts laughing like an insane woman.  She puts Maden on her back while she continued to fry eggs.


The hubby comes home and Sunhwa is glad and relieved to see him.  She gets Maden off her back by letting Kwanghee hold him.  Kwanghee does a god job feeding the boys.  I think if the entertainment industry doesn’t work out for him, he surely can run a kindergarten.


Sunhwa rests on the floor in the kitchen, defeated and tired from the crazy day she’s had.  Kwanghee goes into the kitchen to check on her.  She reaches into one of the kitchen cabinet, grabs a toy gun and shoots it in Kwanghee’s direction.  I bet she really wants to kill Kwanghee for leaving her alone with three boys.  The kids are alerted by the sounds of the toy gun.  Out of frustration she grabs another gun and started shooting them in the direction of Kwanghee and the boys while screaming out loud.  Her crazy behaviour scares Maden and yet again he starts to cry.  Maden, oh, Maden you were my favourite in the last few episodes but now you’re my least favourite.  At least Kwanghee is here to the rescue.


Sunhwa eats her fried egg with her hands.  Kwanghee tells her that Mason that was sitting at the end of the table has proper table manners eating his fried egg with a knife and fork.  She lets out a huge sigh.  Kwanghee said that Sunhwa is like desperate housewife taking care of the kids.


Ding dong!  Mommy and Daddy are here to pick up their kids.  First thing that Mason says to Mom was “Aunty Sunhwa made Maden cry a lot!”  Poor Sunhwa.  Too much abuse in a day.  Mom figured it’s because the kids didn’t have their naps.

Kwanghee tells Mom that Maden likes Sunhwa more that his own mommy.  Mom asks Maden the question again but Maden’s answer doesn’t change.  That should hurt a lot 😥 Sunhwa explained that Maden thinks Mom is too harsh with the scolding.  Mom explains that she is doing that so that they grow up well.


They take a photo with the kids for remembrance.  When the are about to leave, Kwanghee and Sunhwa say that they are leaving too early and should stay longer.  The fakeness in their voices is very evident.  The kids say that they do not want to leave but Kwanghee quickly shoo’ed them nicely telling them that mom and dad are calling.  The kids hug Kwanghee and Sunhwa to thank them for their hospitality.

Kwanghee and Sunhwa send them off but I think deep inside they hope that they will never babysit the kids again.




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