Thursday Love List: Lunch in Paris

WLL - lunch_in_paris-1

This week I’ve been loving Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Band. It’s a love story where the author writes about a character, an American, falling in love with a Frenchman. From living and growing up in New York to moving to Paris to live with her boyfriend, having lunch in romantic cafes and picnics on rolling hills seems like the everyday life for Elizabeth.

The French are known for their love affair for food, so naturally, the book gravitates towards the topic of food. Where they go for lunch, what different kinds of pastries they pick up for breakfast. The cutest thing about the book is that there’s RECIPES to the food in the chapter! For example, the two lovebirds were going out for a picnic, and they would be biting in some mini croissant sandwiches and sipping home squeezed orange juice. At the end of every chapter, there would be recipes on how to create the exact mini croissant and how to squeeze orange juice (you dont need a recipe for that, do u? XD)! That is a sweet touch that bonds the reader and the character together, so that one day the reader can actually eat the mini croissant sandwich as they re-read that chapter.

If you are a fan of romantics and memoirs, I would highly recommend picking this book up! I spent the whole afternoon yesterday in a quiet corner of Starbucks reading this romantic novel. I hope you enjoy it as well 🙂


3 thoughts on “Thursday Love List: Lunch in Paris

  1. Hmm, so human desires for food and sex are the buttons this book pushes. Do the two ever get combined? 😉

    I just started Sue Townsend’s The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year. While I’m far from a housewife who just sent her two children off to university, it sounds like a dream come true!

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