Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 162

It’s revenge time for Jinwoon! Remember last week’s squealing and fangirling Junhee when she met Baro? This week he’s punishing her for making him jealous by giving her a taste of her own medicine. It’s going to be fun! Hop on and enjoy the ride.  *Warning: long post ahead! 20130327-212106.jpg
The episode kicks off with Junhee carrying huge bags of stuff walking down a street. I wonder if it is awkward filming a variety show. There you are with no one beside you and you’re walking down the street with a bunch of cameramen and producer in front of you. It’s not a drama and you don’t have any lines to say. Junhee mutters to herself (and a legion of WGM staff) that the bags are heavy. See? You need to be an actress to know what to say. I’ll probably start commenting on how blue the sky is. She is heading to the MBC building where they are filming and broadcasting Music Core.

Why is she there? To meet Baro? Nope. Too bad. Jinwoon, Jokwon and Jaekyung of Rainbow are Music Core’s hosts for the day. They have a waiting room or their own. Inside, Jaekyung, Jinwoon, Seulong and Jokwon started chatting about Jinwoon’s participation of We Got Married. Jaekyung says that she knows about his new gig and that all the Rainbow members are going gaga over him. Oh, yeah. So is this blog (*ahem* me). The girls of Rainbow think that he is very manly. The brother-in-laws, Seulong and Jokwon, explained that they will play a prank on Junhee. It is so that Jinwoon can get back at Junhee for making him jealous.

They decided that Jaekyung should act like she is very close to Jinwoon. Somewhere into the conversation they will bring up a music video filming for 2AM and having Jaekyung as the main actress opposite Jinwoon. They collaborate to say that there will be a kiss scene in the music video. Jaekyung giggles over the idea finding it fun. Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of Jaekyung even from the early Rainbow days. She’s just the kind of person that says all the wrong things all the time, at least to me. But I kinda like her this time because she’s so cool about this and plays along. Jaekyung has some brownies that she has baked the night before so she suggested that they work that into the plan. She was planning to share them anyway but now it’s turn into an evil prop. *evil grin* Seulong suggested to say that she’s made the brownies especially for Jinwoon. Junhee is so going to feel her blood boil! Jaekyung leaves the room and will come back after Junhee arrives.

Jinwoon waits for Junhee in front of the elevator doors and he starts to get anxious. He should be considering the mean joke they will be playing on her later. She came bearing gifts and Jinwoon was gentlemanly enough to help her with those heavy bags. Junhee is such a sweetheart because she’s made some porridge for the sick Changmin. The emcees in the studio commented on how pretty she is and I agree. Junhee has the kind of beauty where you never seem to take your eyes of her. (Yeah, girl crush.)


Jinwoon takes her into the waiting room where the brother-in-laws are. They greeted each other. Junhee is doing very well with the brother-in-laws, probably one of the best in-laws interactions on WGM. She distributes their gifts that were complete with a handwritten card. Jinwoon takes pride in having a great wife. They read out each of the cards she has written for them. Guess what’s in those gift bags? SOCKS. Haha! She’s got all of them insanely cute socks, the kind that I wouldn’t wear now just because I don’t think I can pull it off at this age. Seulong and Jokwon sing their praises about Junhee which seems like a buffer for the impact from nasty prank to come.

Seulong says that having meeting Junhee in person, she seems younger than Jinwoon. Jokwon notices the aegyo in her voice. She denies having any aegyo in her voice, but Jokwon does a perfect impersonation of her voice proving that she indeed has aegyo.

Junhee created the perfect timing for her own downfall as she asked about which girl group Jinwoon is close with. Immediately realizing this is their time to lay down the building blocks to disaster, Seulong answers that he’s close to a lot of them. He names Kara’s Nicole, Girls Generation’s Seohyun (Hyuuuun~ Goguma couple ❤ ) and adds in Rainbow’s Jaekyung to the list. The brother-in-laws start framing him saying that the girl groups fall in love with him especially when he smiles. Yo, that’s a fact, not a lie. 😉 Seulong says that Girls Generation love him.

Jaekyung chose the right timing to walk in. They were just talking about girl groups then lo and behold one walks in. Jaekyung and Junhee greet each other. The boys explain that she’s also an MC and they will be sharing a waiting room that day. Loving the secret smiles and close ups the show has put together. Biggest culprit is Jokwon.

Jinwoon starts the attack by asking Jaekyung what she made for him last night. Jaekyung answers that she has brought them for him and hands over the brownies. Junhee’s eyes are glued to the bag of brownies as it was making its way to Jinwoon. Her laser eyes are amazing. First checking out Jinwoon and now scanning the brownie bag. The packaging that the brownies came in worsens the situation because that is one pretty paper bag. Jokwon acts like he was impressed and Jaekyung told him that she can cook as well. Baking AND cooking. Say hello to Junhee’s kryptonite. The brownies were wrapped in clear plastic and had bows on them. Eep!


Junhee is clearly not OK with it because she folds a piece of paper in half and starts fanning herself. Doesn’t she notice that no one is calling her out for it? Jinwoon keeps looking at the brownie, showing it off and calling it awesome (daebak). They praise Jaekyung for being able to cook and draw well.

Jokwon takes a bite of the brownie and says that it is delicious. Jinwoon does the same and adds that it taste absolutely delicious. Jokwon tells Jinwoon to let Junhee try some but she shakes her head furiously saying that she is on a diet.
Jinwoon should be nominated for an acting award. He asks Jaekyung if she texted him late at night because of those brownies. I’m enjoying watching Junhee face turning sour thinking about the contents of those midnight texts. Seulong and Jokwon watches as her face changes and are shocked by it. She starts fanning herself again. They explain that this is the bad side of Jinwoon and they too have to tolerate this sort of behaviour. She says that she’s fine with it but her fanning never cease. Body language is giving her away.
In the interview, Junhee says that she was having a mental breakdown. She remembers clearly that Jinwoon doesn’t like sweets. Also, she’ll lay off those brownies for now.

Junhee starts talking about Jaekyung’s group, Rainbow. Jinwoon says that Junhee loves K-pop and watches everything. Jaekyung says that she has seen WGM and knows that Junhee likes boy idols very much. Junhee laughs and says that she likes girl groups too. The brother-in-laws ask her which group she likes and Junhee answers Rainbow but calls Jaekyung by her group member’s name, Go Woori. One strike and Jaekyung is down. Jaekyung dissolves into laughter.

Phew… That’s only half the prank. Seulong asks Jaekyung about starring opposite Jinwoon in their new 2AM music video. Junhee hears it but only nods as they were discussing it.


Jaekyung agrees to film the music video as long as there is no skinship in the music video. Jokwon says that it is impossible not to have skinship in the music video. Junhee looks like a ticking bomb about to explode into tears or rage any time soon. Jaekyung asks her if she is fine with it and she says she is because it is the nature of the work. The brother-in-laws brought up the kiss scene between Junhee and Kwon Sang Woo from the drama Yawang and Jaekyung asks Jinwoon if he’s fine with it. He says he is ok with it because it’s for work. Burn! She dismissed that as work from before she was ‘married’ to Jinwoon.
In the interview Junhee says that she really wanted to go home at that point. She said that she’s even put on a flowery blazer to go with 2AM’s song entitled “One Spring Day”.

Jinwoon gets up deciding to get some drinks for everyone and tries to get Junhee to go with him. She refuses but finally caved in. It is obvious that it is a con to get her out of the room for a chat. She sulks as they walk out of the waiting room. Jinwoon tells her that it is very obvious that she is angry. She said it was due to nervousness and she was feeling hot. He asked her why she did not want to try out the brownie. She says that she has recently started a diet and wants to keep to it. The diet started at 12pm that day, just moments before the brownie was offered to her. Thank goodness for bluntness. I thought I was going to miss it on the show with Yoon Seah gone. She sulks that Jaekyung is good at everything even cooking. Is she good at driving too? Jinwoon says that Jaekyung is probably good at that too. Junhee starts interrogating him about those text messages. He doesn’t answer but just ask her not to question him that way. Oooh, I sense a player. He asks if it would be possible that he is just faking to be close with Jaekyung just to get her jealous. She admits that he’s just probably really close to Jaekyung.

In the waiting room, Jaekyung starts to get worried because it seems that Junhee is really angry. The brother-in-laws told her not to be worried and that they will be the love messengers. They will explain it is their request to Jaekyung to be in on this. (I am surprised that Jokwon calls Jaekyung noona. I always thought she was a young one.) Their logic is that there has to be jealousy to create love. Jinwoon brings Junhee back to the waiting room.
Once they are seated, Seulong tells Junhee that Jaekyung has something to say. Jaekyung says that she is here to test Junhee’s love towards Jinwoon. (In Korean grammar ‘towards Jinwoon love’ is in front of the sentence so Jaekyung made a clever little pause after the word ‘love’. Sounds suspicious: ”Towards Jinwoon,[my] love…”) Junhee does not get it. If Song Ji Hyo is called Miss Mong (blur), Junhee should be called Miss Mong 2. There have been a few incidences that really qualifies her for that title.


The boys have a good laugh while Jaekyung explains that she and Jinwoon have just met today. Seulong confirms that Jinwoon and Jaekyung do not know each other’s number. Jaekyung calls her the goddess of jealousy. LOL! Jinwoon comes clean saying that he did not have prior knowledge of those brownies. Seulong apologizes.
Junhee says that she did not feel bad or anything which invited a collective “Ei~~~” (sound of disbelief) from everyone in the room but her. Jaekyung points out that she was fanning profusely and Jokwon made another perfect impersonation of Junhee with a displeased face.

In the interview, Jinwoon says that it was great to see another side of Junhee. He sees jealousy in her actions and hears it in her voice. On the other hand, Junhee found the jealousy that she had was unexpected because she has only known him for a short time. She never knew that she has any feelings for him. It was only until that event that she realized that she feels jealous.
People are possessive. Even though you don’t like the lollipop that was given to you, you wouldn’t want another kid enjoying the lollipop in front of you. It’s not the lollipop that you are jealous of, rather the joy that lollipop is giving to the other kid. Right?

Jinwoon starts rehearsing the MC parts for Music Core. After it ended, Junhee tries to get near Jinwoon. He spots her and walks towards her but this results in them walking in a circle around the divider. Jinwoon walks up behind Junhee and she was caught by surprise when she turned around. How cute! They then stood side by side while she admired the seats in the auditorium. Not too long later, Jinwoon has to start shooting the 2AM performance of their title song.

Junhee starts handing out gifts to the cameramen who were filming 2AM basically bribing them to do a good job filming 2AM. She’s so sweet to think about the crew that 2AM is working with.

Junhee watches Music Core on TV in a waiting room while singing to all the male idol groups. She knows the lyrics. Screen shots of her enjoying the music!

Junhee sees Jinwoon on screen and has a big dorky smile plastered on her face.

She sees Shinee at the end of the show and complains that she did not get to see Shinee. Miseon who was sitting in the studio warned her not to touch Shinee. Miseon has a crush on Shinee’s Minho. Haha! Older women and their idol crushes.

Right after Music Core was the broadcast of We Got Married. Junhee is enjoying the episode that was broadcasted two weeks ago. Cute little Maden is on TV screaming that the toy Sunhwa picked out was for girls. She laughs at the TV show and Jinwoon walks in asking her what she is laughing at. Oh-em-gee that is one ugly shirt Jinwoon has on. But he still looks handsome in it. I bet if you give him a potato sack he will still look dashing wearing it.
Jinwoon decided that they should call Kwanghee. Kwanghee answers with a loud hello. Jinwoon asks him to lower his volume down a bit. Kwanghee greets Junhee calling her jesushi (sister-in-law for younger brother’s wife) but finds it a little wrong because Jinwoon is more senior in the entertainment industry. He would call Jinwoon sunbae (senior) so he thinks he should be calling Junhee jesusunbae which is a totally coined term fusing sister-in-law and senior together. Kwanghee is really a walking comedy show. Jinwoon tells Kwanghee to stick to calling Junhee jesushi and Jinwoon will call Sunhwa hyungsu (sister-in-law for older brother’s wife). Kwanghee mentions the outfit Junhee chose on her first meeting with Jinwoon. He says that it makes him go crazy. He’s gonna get lectured by Sunhwa soon. They hang up after promising to meet each other sometime soon.

Junhee pulls up another bag saying that she has another gift for Jinwoon. She says it is impossible that her husband gets exactly the same stuff as the rest of the brother-in-laws. It is a pair of sneakers with the same design as the pair she owns. She tells him to wear it when all three couples meet up. He is very thankful and sits there in silence looking at her. You can almost see hearts coming out of his eyes.
In the closing interview Junhee says that it was a great day because she was able to see Jinwoon in a professional setting and he looked handsome while he was working.


20130327-212353.jpgJinwoon said that he realized that Junhee is very attractive when she was winking at him, wearing her fencing outfit and today.  He was very frank saying that the first two times he was attracted to her outward beauty but today he is attracted to her beautiful heart.

Next week’s preview looks interesting. Kwanghee and Sunhwa will be meeting with Jinwoon and Junhee. I’ll definitely be recapping that! However, not too sure if I’ll recap Kwanghee and Sunhwa with the other couple that I can’t seem to remember their names… Ugh… Leave your comments if you want to see that recapped too!
P.s. Totally unrelated but I’ve wanted to type Joowon instead of Jinwoon a lot of times. These names are getting confusing!


2 thoughts on “Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 162

  1. I don’t understand the jealousy bit. This is a fake marriage so are they all doing fake jealousy? Same for KwangHee and Sunhwa, who can’t even summon enough chemistry to smooch.

    • Hence the lollipop theory… Don’t love the lollipop but jealous of the happiness the lollipop gives to another child. 😀

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