Ask Sheepy: Letting Go


Today’s post is going to be about something that I recently learned first hand that really affected who I am as a person.

A month or two ago, I attended a house party with my boyfriend and our friends, and there was a girl (let’s call her Janet) that just had the personality of being touchy feely and over friendly  We were talking about board games that we all liked, and out of excitement she just started being very touchy to my boyfriend, which I disliked extremely much. After losing many brain cells and being in countless fights about it, I almost let something so minor destroy something that meant so much to me. I met Janet again recently at another house party over the weekend and I made a deal with my boyfriend that I would let it go and give her a second chance. Afterwards, we actually got along very well and having everyone get along with everyone was a very joyous and happy gathering. She even began to be touchy feely with ME and even shared some of her personal dreams, which would never happen if I just closed off and never gave her a chance.

In no means am I a relationship expert, but what happened has taught me a few things of friendship and values:

1. It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to vent your frustrations at what was bothering you to your significant other. If you never bring it up and it happens again and again, you only have yourself to blame if you explode and he breaks up with you. Bring it up when your significant other is in a good mood to talk about what’s bothering you. How do you know if they’re in a mood to talk? Ask.

2. Give them the benefit of the doubt. This goes both ways, your significant other and the person who’s crossed the line. At the end of the day, it’s you that your significant other thinks about before they go to sleep, and it’s you who they’re bringing home. Give them the trust they deserve. 🙂

3. Forgive and let go. It’s hard to be happy in a relationship if something is seriously troubling you so much that it consumes all your energy. Letting go gives three people a chance in this situation: your significant other, the third party, and lastly, yourself. If you are brave enough to go something that’s been bothering you for the past while, you are giving the world more opportunity to love you. And in the end, that’s what makes everyone happy.

I hope that this post helps you out a little. I know letting go is not very easy to do, but once you’ve done so, you can see how much of the burden has lifted off your shoulders.


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