New show on my radar: Golden Boy

I have set my PVR to record the Golden Boy series and in my world it means that it’s worth watching 😉 Golden Boy is a crime TV series set in New York. It’s your typical cop story style set up, like Castle minus the writer, Blue Bloods minus the family and The Mentalist minus the mentalist… Ha! What sets it apart from other series at this point is eye candy. Theo James plays the main character, Detective Walter Clark, a confident, overachieving and arrogant (hot) young detective on the Homicide Task Force.

I wonder how they are setting this series up because these first few episodes are essentially flashbacks. The idea is a little like How I Met Your Mother minus the narrations but with more peeks into the present. I wonder if they’ll keep it in the past for the most of it or move toward the future in a few seasons.

If you’ve been visiting this blog recently you might be wondering how many shows I am watching as of now. Answer is too many and I’m not exactly proud of it. 🙂 I love my TV!


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