We Got Married Global Edition


I am not a fan of the global edition. I’ve seen one episode of the previous season with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and a Chinese actress as well as T-ara’s Hyomin and a manipulative Chinese singer. Not a fan 😦 Personally I feel the language barrier really slow things down and you need to watch two people express themselves through gestures. Yes, lots of arm flapping involved!

If you’re still interested, I have included a link to the preview below! They have FT Island’s Lee Hongki and 2PM’s Taecyeon on board for this season. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “We Got Married Global Edition

    • Well previously it was when Kyuhyun was actively promoting SJ-M in Taiwan and China so he did speak some Chinese. That was a lot less awkward than Hyomin and the other guy. (Sorry not into C-entertainment so I have no idea who the celebs are) I suspect that there is a translator on set… But I really don’t know much. It’s just what I figured from the first ep.

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