Friday Tag Time: Spring Fun!


Good morning and happy Friday, everyone! Woot woot! I’m going to start out the weekend with a fun tag! Hopefully you find this fun and if you like you can answer these on your own blog! 🙂

1. How did you get your  nickname for Lescordonniers?
While the three of us were trying to decide on nicknames for our blog, I wanted to have a name that would reflect my personality and also something cuddly. So voila, we have littlesheepy!

2. If you could change your name to anything, what would it be and why?
I went through a phase where I really loved the name Isabelle. I still would change it to that name ~

3. If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would it be and why?
Don’t sweat the small stuff. A breakup is only a breakup and what’s meant to be will come.

4. How old were you when you first learned to blow a bubblegum bubble?
I don’t really recall when… maybe in elementary school? XDD LOL sorry for the generalization of the answer!!!!

5. What did you want to be when you were little?
I wanted to be a rockstar. A legit Michael Jackson-esque rockstar. I would always tell my daddy that I’d give him backstage VIP tickets and that he can have front rows to all my shows. Lol xD

6. What do you order at starbucks?
If I want something hot, a grande no foam vanilla latte. If I want something cold, a tall raspberry refresher 😀

7. What’s the hardest you ever laughed?
I was back home in Asia and my aunt and I were talking about her older sister, who happens to be sleeping in the floor directly above from our open window. My older aunt also had her window open and she heard everything we said, and she jokingly reprimanded us. Needless to say, I laughed so hard I was crying all over and woke the whole family up.

8. If you could play any musical instrument, which would it be and why?
I play the piano right now, but I’d love to learn to play the cello ~

9. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re upset?
Cry. It’s the best thing to do to let it all out, and not hold back.

10. What’s your favorite movie?
My favorite movie of all time? Still searching for that… but Dear John was pretty epic, and I still remember walking out of the theatre with one of my friends and both our faces were soaked with tears. It’s a movie with an epic love story in it. Ohh, my heart.

11. What’s one food you can not live without?
Being Asian, I would have to say rice. It sounds so boring and plain, but I can’t imagine my meals with a bowl of freshly cooked rice!

12. What’s your favorite dessert?
I LOVEEEE creme brulee. I don’t like the chocolate or coffee flavours, though. I just enjoy regular creme brulee. Mmm.

13. Favorite pizza topping?
Hawaiian all the wayyy! Pineapple and cheese blend so well together. Luckily I don’t eat pizza often at all, so every time I eat Hawaiian pizza, it’s always, ALWAYS heavenly.

14. Would you rather have the superpower to read minds, or the superpower to be invisible?
Hmmm. I would rather have the power to be invisible. That way I can stalk people and get the full truth out of everything. XD

15. What did you do for your last birthday?
Went to high tea service with my best girlfriends~ it was super fun 😀

16. If you had one personal “selfish” wish, what would it be and why?
It would be that all my loved ones would be close to me and that I wouldn’t have to travel across the world to see them whenever I want to have coffee over a nice chat. :’)


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