Thursday Love List: Sim City Limited Edition

Today’s Wednesday Love List is going to be a little geeky.

SimCity Casino CitySim City Casino City

As you know, I as Littlesheepy, loves all things geek related. What with my Nintendo DS obsession to my gaming obsession, one would think I don’t get out much! But I do… honestly! 😀 If you’ve ever had a chance to play the old school Sim City versions, you already know what the whole concept of the game is.

You’re a mayor trying to restore a broken city (no movie relation pun intended XD) and you have 1 million dollars to start out with. You have the choice whether or not you want to create a city circulating culture (there’s global landmark buildings such as The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, The Leaning Tower of Pisa… etc), a gambling city (think Las Vegas), or you could take advantage of the raw minerals and resources that the land is provided with and make a mining millionaire constitution. You, as the mayor, have all the decisions you can make.

It’s very addicting and the time goes by twice the speed as usual when you play the game. I think it’s a great improvement with their previous Sim Cities, as you can see such fine detail and 3D rendering during gameplay. Because the game was so highly anticipated for many years, the game had more players than their servers could actually handle and then it kept crashing and having problems. Eventually the game was made unplayable due to the amount of people logged on, which caused negative reviews and complaints among the Sim City community. As for me, I did have server issues which prevented me from actually logging on, which really disappointed my boyfriend (who spent money buying the game) and myself.

statue of libertySim City Statue of Liberty

You can play on the same servers as your friends who bought the game as well! Actually, the more players you get on the same server is fun as you can help out each other and buy resources from each other’s cities.

I used to wonder why my boyfriend enjoys gaming so much, but then I realized that these multiplayer kind of games are a good way of bonding with friends who are extremely busy with their work/professional lives. Maybe they’ve moved out of town for their degree. Maybe they’e relocated for work purposes, but gaming can eventually bring you two together as you work towards building a great metropolitan city!

However, back to the server issue, Maxis has apologized to the public with a free purchase of another game. This has received both negative and positive reviews. The negatives being, screw that, I paid money for something I want. Don’t just throw us a doggy treat and expect us to be content like that. The positive being that the player could finally get a game they’ve been eyeing for the last little bit and get it free of charge.

Personally, I’m neutral, but I’d like to know your thoughts on Maxis’s trying to appease to their buyers! Are you happy they decided to win you over by giving a free game?~


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