Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Review

Hello girls! Today’s post is going to be a review on the foundation which was raved a lot about earlier this year, the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation with its matching powder which I purchased also early this year. I feel that I’ve used it long enough to be able to generate some kind of review on the product itself 🙂

First, we’ll look at the liquid foundation.


I personally, am a huge foundation junkie (even if my boyfriend says that I don’t need it) and love trying out new releases that are popular enough in the drugstore. I picked mine up at Target for about $10, and the first thing I noticed was that the lid had a tight closure to it, which would keep the contents of the bottle more fresh and also helps to keep bacteria out. The second thing you notice is that it doesnt come with a pump (boo), but if you’re willing to sacrifice packaging over product, then this is the foundation for you.

I am in the shade 130 Shell. It’s almost the perfect shade for me, maybe a tad bit lighter than my skintone which ultimately does its job at brightening. It states it has a broad spectrum which probably means that it can go both ways with dry or oily skin types, and to top everything off it has SPF 20 which is great for a daytime everyday kind of wear makeup. It’s got about light to medium coverage, but definitely build-able. I like to apply a very thin layer of foundation on my face and blend everything out with my fingers, and then run my large powder brush to create an airbrushed effect.

As for the broad spectrum statement, I don’t know how much of that is true because one day I got really lazy and didn’t finish with the powder and I came home looking like a grease ball, and that’s a rare sight because I have very dry skin. It was definitely not pretty. I would highly recommend oily skin types to definitely finish with a powder before heading out!


Here we’re talking about a really good drugstore powder. I forget how much I got it for, but it was also I at Target. Aside from being extremely bulky, I really do enjoy using this powder. I got it in 020 Light Pale, and it really doesn’t give a cakey effect at all. I hate it when powders are so obvious and they sink into your pores and fine lines. This one doesnt, which is a good thing. I also enjoy that they give you a decent amount of product.

All in all, I really like the new Nearly Naked line and will be repurchasing these products when they run out.


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