MyScript Calculator: App That Does Your Math Homework For You


I thought Wolfram Alpha was cool… This is way cooler! OK you non-nerds. This is the point where you should stop reading! This is an app that is related to Mathematics so this post may bore you to death.

But then again…. This thing can help you do your homework! Interested now?

I was bored and decided to check out my App Store. My Facebook app needed an update anyway. I stumbled upon this app while I was checking out the “10 Apps That WOW”. The description of ‘MyScript Calculator’ sounded interesting so I downloaded it to check it out since it is free. It is a calculator that has handwriting recognition! Hurray for technology! Darn if this app was released a year earlier I would have had lots of fun with it while I was in school.


So I started out with this simple equation: 1+2+3. It reads my handwriting and gives me an answer! I was like a little kid in the candy store. Yes, over a math app. Yes, over a calculator. Yes, I’m a nerd.

I decided to try something harder, which is the first picture of the post. I was giddy with excitement.


Then I decided to try out cos and sin, the stuff that I can never figure out when I was in school and it worked!

The downside to the app is that you have to be very careful with your handwriting.  I wrote a square root but the er… tail is not connected to the.. er… roof?  Get what I mean?  The app reads the ‘tail’ as 1 and the ‘roof’ as an incomplete fraction.  Also, there was another time when I wrote an ‘8’ that was connected to a ‘0’ and it reads it as a ‘0’ only.

Tap the garbage can icon to erase all calculations.  The back button acts like a ‘backspace’ key on a computer keyboard.

Do you want the app?  Download it now!  Link For Apple Link for Android

Now if Wolfram Alpha can read handwriting it will really take the cool up a notch.


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