Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 161


Moon Brothers Adventures Part 2

It’s lunchtime!  Sunhwa asks for a vote on what to eat.  All the little boys raised their hands for pizza and chicken.   Mason raised his hand for jajangmyeon as well.  I bet he’s hungry and can eat anything.  Sunhwa decided that they should order all three kinds since the kids like them all.  The kids lose interest immediately and start playing with their toy guns again.

Kwanghee plays some nursery rhymes to stop them from playing guns.  The first song he played was the ‘three bears’ song.  That is the first and last Korean song where I know the full lyrics.  Heh.  Reminds you of Full House (2004), eh?  Here is Rain’s version.

Maven starts dancing to the song while Mason asks for some chocolate.  Sunhwa said that whoever dances to the song will get chocolate so Mason starts dancing.  Interesting dance moves as he starts to do a slight headbanging move mixed in with a little quick step.  The baby, Maden, sits on the couch because he’s shy so Sunhwa has to tease him into dancing.  Kwanghee asks Maven to do some push ups out of the blue.  Both Mason and Maven gets into a plank position to get ready for a pushup but only move up and down without lowering their arms.  Mason then shows his impression of a breakdance and finally earns his chocolate.

While waiting for takeout, Kwanghee asked Mason to sing them a song.  Mason says that he can sing “Cannot Let You Go” by 2AM.


The three little boys stand in a line against the couch and starts singing the song.  How cute!  All pitchy but still adorable.  Maden makes a mistake so Maven pinches his mouth and shakes him while telling him that he’s got it wrong.  Of course our little one cries.  Heck, if someone did that to me now I would cry.  But I’ll toss in a few flying fists to compensate my loss.  Sunhwa hugs Maden to comfort him.


Mason and Maden sings the song again taking it from the top.  LOL!  The captions are funny because the first line of the song “Eo ryeo do…” was stressed again.  They get to the climax of the song and the camera pans to a sulking Maden.  Kwanghee joins in the singing but was shushed by Sunhwa.  They complete the song without a hitch.  I wonder if either one messes up will they go “Eo ryeo do…” again. Tehehe…


Kwanghee commented that the boys’ hairstyle is similar to The Beatles.  He then showed a clip of Secret’s live performance of ‘Shy Boy’ but the boys could not recognize who the singers are, much to Sunhwa’s disappointment.  When Maden sees Sunhwa on screen, he looks at Sunhwa and says “Imo (Aunty), are you a female?”  Oh, the humiliation!  Kwanghee then shows a clip of Ze:a’s performance and Mason noted that there are too many people on stage and Kwanghee looks like a girl.  Go, Mason!  Tell Uncle Kwanghee that he dances like a girl and he’d better hit the gym.  Sunhwa told the boys that Uncle Kwanghee is very good at dancing but Maden says “Is that good dancing?”  Nice blow.  The delivery of the lines and the fact that they are innocent kids make their statements hurt more.


Ding dong!  The delivery man has arrived with their food.  The three musketeers make their way into the kitchen to wash their hands.  Maven sniffed his clean hands and takes a liking to the hand soap he’s used.


The boys start digging into their food with their hands.  The kids let go of their food after Sunhwa asked them to and she hands them their forks.  They ate in silence and Sunhwa appreciates that she does not her sounds from the toy guns. The silence is short lived as Kwanghee splatters some jajangmyeon sauce all over his shirt and screams.  Sunhwa fakes getting angry and hits Kwanghee because he splatters some sauce on his shirt.  Quietly, Maden looks down at his shirt to check if he’s got any on his shirt.  He’s my favourite out of the three because he’s so adowable!  Sunhwa turns scary bipolar in front of the kids saying with a smile that this is what she will do if they get food on their clothes.


Mid meal Maven announced that he has a tummy ache and has to go number 2.  Kwanghee complains because he’s not done with his meal.  After their meal, the three boys are at the kitchen sink washing up and brushing their teeth after their meals.  Maden is so cute wetting his hands and wiping his face with his wet hands.  He’s like a kitty cat washing up.


The kids have a change of clothes.  Sunhwa lies down on the sofa from the exhaustion.  Maden shoots the toy gun in her direction.  After realizing that she does not respond, he gives her a kiss on the cheek then cuddles up to her.  Sunhwa picks him up and wraps her arms around him.

Kwanghee arrives with some uh, thick blanket thing and lays it out on the living room floor.  It is suppose to be nap time for the boys.  Sunhwa lies down but the boys are all awake and running around with their toy guns.  Sunhwa goes upstairs to change out of her superhero costume and Kwanghee sends the boys her way.  He gets a moment of peace.  It lasted about 2 seconds before Maden announces that he needs to pee.  When his business is taken care of, Mason says that he needs to go number 2.  Lesson:  Don’t have three sons.  Kate Gosselin of ‘Kate plus 8’ must be crazy with her 3 boys and 5 girls.


Sunhwa pretends to sleep and asked Kwanghee to do the same but it was overheard by Mason.  Kwanghee made Mason an accomplice and it manages to convince Maden to take a nap.  Two down, one to go.  They are left with Maven.  Kwanghee gets up to get Maven to join them.  When Maven gets to the living room his toy gun made a noise so the little boys decide to forget about taking a nap.  They run around with their toy guns.  Kwanghee and Sunhwa should have confiscated their toy guns!  They’ll be off to dreamland because of the boredom.  Kwanghee and Sunhwa give up on having a nap.


Sunhwa suggested they have some yogurt and the toy gun war ended immediately.  Kwanghee first passes around some gummy worms and shows the kids how to eat it ‘Lady and the Tramp’ style.  He tries it with Maden but was avoided.  Maden grabs a gummy worm and put one end into his mouth and offered the other end to Sunhwa.  Cutie pie!  He does it a second time but his brothers broke off the gummy worm in jealousy.  Mason and Maven try eating it between them.


Sunhwa feeds Maven some yogurt while he is seated on her lap.  Mason gives Maden a yogurt but Maden says he won’t have it.  Kwanghee tells Sunhwa that Maden is sulking because he’s not being fed by Sunhwa.  She sends Maven to Kwanghee and asks Maden to come sit on her lap.  Maden asks her to feed him while pouting then sits on her lap.  He eats his yogurt happily.


Kwanghee asked Maden if he prefers mommy or Aunty Sunhwa.  Maden answers ‘imo’ in a whisper.  Mommy will be crying when she watch this broadcast.  Maven has his jaw hanging open and Mason pauses eating his yogurt.  Maden explains that mommy is stronger than Sunhwa and hits very hard.  (I’m already dizzy from telling apart Mason, Maven and Maden’s names…)

They have a moment of peace thanks to the yogurt.  Kwanghee then announced that he has somewhere to go.  Sunhwa is shocked by that because he will be leaving her with three boys to run after and take care of.   Sunhwa will have a taste of a stay-at-home mom.  Can’t wait for next week’s episode!  Will she be trampled by the little boys?


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