Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 161


Jinwoon and Junhee are on their fourth date.  He is driving her somewhere and she asked where they are going.  Jinwoon said they will be meeting someone for a chit chat.  Junhee lights up wondering if it is a male idol that they are going to meet.  She asks if the male idol is younger than she is but was told that the male idol is her age.  29-year-old idols?  There are only a handful of those!

She guesses correctly that they will be meeting Shindong of Super Junior.  Jinwoon asks her to guess why they will be meeting him.  She deduced that since they are in Yeouido there must be some sort of recording because there is a broadcasting station in Ilsan.  She guesses correctly again that they will be going for a radio broadcast.

Junhee mentions that she knows that 2AM have been on Cultwo Show recently and he was asked if he will marry Go Junhee in real life but he answered no.  Jinwoon nods his head confidently admitting that he’s said that.  This ain’t gonna end well!  He starts explaining that they have not been together for a long time and he wants to stay private about these things…   Junhee is just plain upset.  She denies it but it is written all over her face.

She says that she would have answered the same way if she was the one being interviewed.  She would have said “No” in a heartbeat.  Jinwoon feels the taste of his own medicine claiming that the way she is answering has a different (worse) feeling.  She rubs it in by saying “No” and “me?” multiple times with different intonation.


They arrive at MBC and Shindong is the host for Shim Shim Ta Pa and is waiting at the radio studio.  Jinwoon walks into the radio studio and greets Shindong.  After exchanging their greetings, Shindong pushes Jinwoon away and shakes Junhee’s hand.  Ha.  Interesting how idols do not regard fellow idols as celebrities but treat actors differently.  Same for Junhee going crazy for idols and treating them like celebs.  Jinwoon feels comfortable with Shim Shim Ta Pa because he was a permanent DJ for the program in the past.  Shindong mentions that that high school student Jinwoon was is now married.  Jinwoon used to say that he is in his high school uniform and has to go back to school the next day as his opening line while he was hosting the show.  Shindong vows to reveal all of Jinwoon’s secrets on the radio program.

The radio broadcast starts.  Jinwoon starts with his opening line that he who used to wear a school uniform is now back with a wife.  Shindong teases that there are great news now that 2AM has a new album, Jinwoon has taken off his uniform and has a new wife.  Junhee goes with a simple introduction saying that she is now married.

Shindong asks Junhee if it was a tough decision to make whether or not to join We Got Married.  To her, it was an easy decision to make because she did not know who her partner is going to be.  Shindong asks if it would have been harder knowing that Jinwoon was going to be her partner.  She hesitates and he doesn’t let her answer till later in the show.   Shindong is great at creating suspense.


The radio program has dug up some dirt, revealing that she has mentioned on another show that she would like to act with Junho from 2PM.  This one hits close to home for Jinwoon.  She covers her face in embarrassment.  Jinwoon is very close to Junho and lives in the same building.  Shindong asks what kind of guy Junho is and just about when Jinwoon was ready to answer he cuts him off!  Ha!  Jinwoon throws a bomb revealing on air that Junhee likes Baro from B1A4.  He’s not getting over that very soon, is he?

Junhee has been interested in dance groups so Shindong asks her if she knew that Jinwoon can rap and dance well.  Poor Jinwoon is stuck in a ballad group and can only do rock for his solo album.  She is well aware of it.  Shindong asked if she knows about the ‘clown thing’ but she doesn’t know.  During an intense and dark 2AM’s performance Jinwoon snuck in a smile earning him the nickname ‘clown’.  Jinwoon deems it a revolutionary period for Korea’s dance era and is something that should not be mentioned anymore.

20130318-111321.jpgShindong asked if they should play the song “Sleep Well Goodnight” by B1A4 that Junhee requested earlier.  She changes her request to “Tried to Walk (걸어 본다)” by B1A4.  Jinwoon thought that she requested his song “You Walking Toward Me (걸어온다)”.  In Korean the title differs by one ‘alphabet’.  In the interview, Jinwoon was scratching the back of his neck saying that he really thought that she requested his song.  Junhee in her very pretty yellow top explained to the interviewer that she listen to B1A4’s song while she is in the filming sets until 2AM released their new album.  She admits that it’s a mistake!

They move onto the next segment which is a 60 second speed interview.

Shindong:  What is Baro’s year of birth?

Junhee:  1992… perhaps ’93?

She got it right.  He’s a 1993-er!  Two years younger than Jinwoon.  She sure has her eyes on those young ones. LOL.  She celebrates while she gets it right but Jinwoon has a bewildered face.

Shindong:  Name something you dislike about Junhee

Jinwoon: I hate that she talks about other guys in front of me.

I think the more disturbing thing is that she’s going younger and younger… Junho (1990), Jinwoon (1991), Baro (1993)…

Shindong:  Will you be upset if Jinwoon admits that he likes someone from a girl group?

Junhee: Yes

Shindong: Has there been a time where you feel like calling Junhee but you feel asleep?

Jinwoon: Yes

Shindong:  When did Jinwoon make your heart flutter the most?

Junhee: …  … …


Time’s up!  Jinwoon sure did not lose the game but feels a little bitter after the 60 second speed interview.  Junhee will get punished for not being able to answer the last question but Shindong is curious about her answer.  She said that it was when she saw him in his fencing outfit.  Hence the scanning up and down while they were fencing.  She picks out something off of Jinwoon’s face.  The caption on screen says it was probably because she felt bad about it.


Jinwoon is to hit Junhee’s head with a toy hammer as her punishment.  She slowly angers and Jinwoon puts his hand on her head probably feeling sorry.  Shindong says that he has a gift for her to make it up to her because she feels bad…


The gift is unveiled!  It’s Baro from B1A4!  Jinwoon gets up and holds Baro’s hand to bring him into the radio studio while Junhee stands and straightens out her clothing, plastered a smile on her face and tucked her hair behind her ear.  Fangirl syndrome.  Jinwoon complains about the situation during his interview saying that as her husband is a singer and way more senior than B1A4 and yet she’s fangirling over Baro.  During the interview Junhee said that she has controlled herself because she thought of Jinwoon.  I wonder how far her fangirling would go if Jinwoon wasn’t there.

Shindong gives Baro and Junhee to greet each other.  Shindong questions Junhee about how she feels now that she has seen Baro in person.  She answers with an awkward laughter.  Shindong suggests they listen to Jinwoon’s song but Jinwoon requests that they play “If Not Now” from 2AM’s second album.  It’s probably a representation of his feelings then.

Off the air, Jinwoon asks Junhee how she feels meeting Baro and she answered that it is interesting.  Jinwoon tells Baro that she watches their performances a lot.  Baro has heard a lot about it.  Bet he is shocked to see his name all over the internet and entertainment newspapers.  Junhee says she is a fan of Baro’s and Baro says that he’s a fan of her drama.


They are back on air and Shindong asks Junhee if she flutters more when she meets Baro in person as compared to meeting Jinwoon in person.  She lets out a nervous laugh and says no but they bring out a lie detector machine.  This is going to be fun.  She puts her hand in the lie detector and is asked the same question again.  She answers no and a zap comes not long after.  (The lie detector zaps if you lie.)  Shindong is too excited to sit still, Jinwoon has his mouth hanging open and Baro just lets out nervous laughter.  During the candid interview, Junhee claims that the lie detector is inaccurate because her heart was racing and should have waited till she calms down before trying the lie detector.  But right after, she admits to have fluttered more when she met Baro because she’s a fan.

Baro and Junhee look guilty but really neither one has done anything wrong to feel that way.  Junhee leans toward Jinwoon maybe to ease the pain.  Shindong says that there are tears in Jinwoon’s eyes and Jinwoon plays along sniffling and wiping a tear.

20130318-111326.jpgInto the next corner!  They are asked a series of questions to test out their rapport.  Jinwoon and Junhee gave the same answers to the three questions they were given.  On the other hand, Junhee and Baro gave different answers to the first question they were asked.  At least this may give Jinwoon some comfort.

They wrap up the radio broadcast.  Jinwoon shake hands with Baro saying that they will meet again during music broadcasts.  I wonder if he said that with a glare.  Baro says that his mother is a fan of Junhee.  His mother watches her dramas and would tell him to say hello if he ever meets her.  Junhee jumps up and down like a little girl.  Junhee tells Baro that he looks good in pink hair and has nice socks.  Oh-ow.  What kind of socks is Jinwoon wearing today?  Both Baro and Jinwoon have striped socks on.  Baro reads the situation and cleans it up nicely saying that Junhee really cares about Jinwoon and what he is wearing.


Baro says that he has a gift for Junhee and she gets so excited that she is jumping up and down again.  The captions are the best: A very lucky fan, Miss Go Junhee (Actress, 29 years old).  Ha!  She’s ecstatic that his mother is a fan of hers.  Jinwoon then argues that she doesn’t care when he tells her that his mother watches her drama a lot.  He added that even his grandmother watches her drama.

20130318-111337.jpgBaro comes back with a B1A4 CD but Junhee says that she already has one.  They exchange autographs after Baro asks Junhee for autograph to give his mommy.  Jinwoon tells Baro not to write down is phone number on the CD.  Junhee wrote: “You raised a good son.  Baro jjang! Mother jjang!”  Also interesting to see that she goes by Koh Jun Hee instead of Go Jun Hee that is more common among us fans.  Baro says his goodbyes and Jinwoon opens the door for him and Baro asks if it is because Jinwoon wants him gone.  Of course he denies it then closes the door in Baro’s face!  LOL.

Jinwoon reflects that she is too into meeting Baro for the first time.  He is also slightly jealous.  He mentions that he should bring a girl group next time as a surprise just to see how she would react.  The interviewer then asks Junhee what if Jinwoon really brings girl group next time.  She answers that she will cancel the recording for the show.

Stay tuned for more next week!


4 thoughts on “Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 161

  1. thanks for the recaps, even though i’ve seen all the episodes of this couple, i still love to read your recaps, feel like i’m reading a novel =D i really love this couple ❤

    • Thanks for reading! I love this couple as well! Nice balance of cuteness and outrageousness. Both are easy on the eyes too 😉 feel free to comment and tell me what you think about the show.

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