Happy St Patrick’s Day!

tumblr_mjruoqeqAd1rmx935o1_500_largeHappy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

Well technically SPD is on March 17th, except I was away from the computer as I was celebrating a family member’s birthday! We had a lot of fun and visited the HR Macmillan Planetarium in Vancouver for our family day and watched Harold’s Universe. It was alright, mainly for children as it talked about the difference of all the planets in our solar system. My oldest brother, being the astronomical whiz he is, had his eyes wide open like a kid as he nommed on chocolate my mother passed around. Good times, good times.

Back to the main topic, which is about St Patrick’s Day!! 🙂

Did you know that the original colour for SPD was blue?
SPD originated from Ireland, which was the motivator and to provide opportunity to the Irish people. It’s a day for feasting and celebration, and people gather with family and relatives to celebrate this day to remember Saint Patrick, whom is the most recognized patron of Ireland.

Even though we dont typically celebrate it here, but it was nice to see my community dress up in green clothes, some going as far as wearing a green triangle hat and ears as they walk around town.

Did your city participate in wearing of the green? What was the silliest thing you saw? 🙂


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