Haul Diaries: Forever 21 Fashion and Brushes

imageYayyy! I just recieved my delivery from Forever21’s online site.

Whenever I go to their actual store in the mall I get really confused and cross eyed and overwhelmed. So many colours, patterns, and not enough happy employees keep me coming back. However, I do love their online store and every spring I would purchase a haul that would cover the expenses of free shipping. What’s even better is that my delivery man today was so nice~ also, the delivery was SO FAST! I placed the order on a Wednesday, and I received it on Friday morning. THANK YOU.

Forever 21’s online store is so nice and I spent hours and hours flipping through pages of beautiful things. I got a dark navy blue striped pullover with pocket detailing, a white and black striped short sleeve with a lace collar! I fell in love with it when I saw it on the site. Also I picked up a cute flouncy skirt for those hot summer days, which it came with a nice belt. Keeping those intimates a secret XDD I spend most of my time looking in the jewelry section but I’m afraid that I’ll get the dimensions wrong and instead of getting a dainty bird necklace I’d get a massive pendant! LOL XD


I’m really into the nautical theme, and I’m all about stripes and matching patterns, as long as you match it correctly. For my haul, I got a lot of pattern items! I’ve also purchased a few intimates which I was afraid of buying, but the quality was actually better than I’ve expected!


I also purchased a set of full sized makeup brushes that’s not from Forever 21. There’s a powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, two eyeshadow brushes (one for packing on colour and one for blending everything), a fan brush, a sponge tip brush, an eyeliner angle brush, eyebrow brush (?) and a lip pencil brush. It comes in a cute case and the best part is, is that it’s small enough to be portable and carry around on those trips which you don’t want to carry your massive brushes with! The small travel-sized brush roll is cleanable and I like that they didn’t make the fold bend on the fan brush bristles. I bought one before where the fold bend completely ruined the fan brush. Also, the handle is pink! 🙂

All in all, even though Ive used up the entire shopping quota for 2013 already, I’m a happy camper. Do you guys like shopping online? What kind of sites do you shop online and what you usually buy? 🙂


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