Pretty Little Liars: Love Interest Edition (My Fave Edition <3)

As much as I love Pretty Little Liars for the girl’s gorgeous makeup and equally gorge shoes (how can anyone forget Aria’s neon green wedges!? hello! shoe porn right there!…. sorry. will try to keep this pg13), the reason why I keep coming back is because of the beautiful male creatures that litter the show. Each girl eventually gets their strings attached (Emily is different ^^) and each one of the love interests have different personalities.

PLL guys group

We learn from the first two seasons (recaps soon) that the person, no matter how society perceives them, may not be entirely who they are. Let’s look at the boyfriends of the girls. A special edition will be added as Emily was dating Maya!

mayaMaya St. Germain

Maya plays a big role in Emily’s life as Emily’s first girlfriend. She helps her get over her fear of her sexuality and helps her embrace who she is. She’s the one waiting in the background as Emily takes her time getting to know herself and wondering if she should come out or not. She is the calm one, but in the end of Season 2 we realize that underneath the calm act she’s actually going through a lot inside and she eventually turns to drugs. Maya’s parents find out and sends her off to rehab, leaving Emily worried sick. When she comes back, their relationship blooms into something even greater than before rehab. However, Emily finds her with drugs again and they fight, leaving Maya helpless and she runs away. A long time passes and Emily never hears from her, until one day she’s actually back in town, but not for long. The police finds the remains of Maya’s body, which of course leaves Emily devastated and creates another dark hole in the entire mystery of the Pretty Little Liars.

shawnSean Ackard

Sean is Hanna’s first boyfriend, soon to be ex. Hanna, being Rosewood High’s new “It Girl” and the two being the new Homecoming Queen and King, wants to make her relationship special with him and wants to take it to the next level (physically speaking). Being the son of a minister and a dentist, he keeps to his values and beliefs to wait. He reveals to Hanna that he is part of the school’s abstinence club RLW (Real Love Waits), and soon under the pressure of A, they break up.

calebCaleb Rivers

Ahhh, may we all take a break out of our busy lives right here and pause at his beautiful face (you know which one’s my fave LOL). Caleb rivers. He’s introduced as the new kid in town in Season 2. He’s street-smart, tech savvy and has a past that he would like to forget about. He makes money by hacking into computers and unlocking his classmates phones, and eventually ends up as the next love interest for Hanna. She goes through a great deal with trying to provide him a safe place to live, and eventually her mother finds out and is very offended by their act. He eventually warms up to Hanna’s mother, and she ends up treating him like family.

tobyToby Cavanaugh

Toby is probably the most misunderstood character in Pretty Little Liars, especially in the first season. The whole town speculates that he was Alison’s killer. When people (yes including kids) see him walking down the street they turn around or cross the street to walk on the other side of the road. He doesn’t go anywhere (he has an ankle beeper) except stay on his porch steps cleaning things, or he’s inside his house. Spencer Hastings sees him cry in a dump courtyard in town, and she tries her best to make everyone realize that maybe something’s different with Toby, even though he is the step-brother of their most hated enemy (Jenna Marshall).

ezraEzra Fitz

Ezra Fitz is the English teacher at Rosewood High. Right off the bat, he makes all the girls infatuated with his good looks and well manners, and soon he gets into a loop hole romance with his student Aria. Yes. Aria and Mr. Fitz are a thing, and they are too frightend to let the world know. In order to date they sneak around town and even outside of town, but soon their undercover romance takes a toll on Aria and she wishes that they could just hold hands and be a normal couple in public. They eventually reveal themselves to Aria’s family (which did not receive a nice welcoming), and the two of them have to decide whether or not their love is genuine enough to hurt others for the sake of what they feel is right.

Of course, you all know which one **I** love, which is Caleb Rivers. He’s so smart, charming and witty, and what with that long hair of his he could almost make it on the billboards of Abercrombie and Fitch!

Which one of the love interests suits your fancy and why? Let me know in the comments below! ❤


4 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars: Love Interest Edition (My Fave Edition <3)

  1. I think Caleb is the one that people wouldn’t expect to be part of the A-team, but Ezra.. no words even describe! ❤

      • To be honest, i don’t know anymore.. i’m looking forward to the season finale but everything is soo freaky that i don’t think i can watch it alone. Hopefully everything will make sense once you’ve caught up :L

  2. I totally understand how you feel… LOL i think i almost lost my mind finishing up season 1. after that season i keep glancing at my closet wondering if someone is filming me LOLOL! T_T

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