Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 160


Kwanghee takes Sunhwa to an apartment to meet someone.  They arrive in front of apartment number 102 and ring the doorbell.  A Caucasian man opens the door to let them in.  Sunhwa enters the apartment but was really puzzled with the situation.  The man calls out to Mason to come into the living room.  Out comes Mason followed by Maven and Maden.  Kwanghee and Sunhwa will be babysitting the Moon brothers!


Do you know who Mason is?  He is probably the cutest baby ever to be born in the last decade.  LOL!  I have had emails forwarded by some friends attached with adorable photos of Mason.  I was not even a Korean drama or variety addict at that time.


They are babysitting the three brothers for the day.  I am pretty sure that I’ll mess up their names somewhere down the post.  Their dad asks Mason if he remembers meeting Kwanghee some time ago.  Kwanghee shows Mason a photo from the Hanbok(Korean traditional clothing) fashion show proving that they have met before.  Mason shakes his head unable to recall their meeting.



Sunhwa asks if they would like to go to the toy store.  Mason nodded and heads to his room to get his money bag (piggybank).  He pulls out quite a few bills from his money bag.  Sunhwa asks if Maven has some money too.  Mason answered that Maven doesn’t have any and the KRW10,000 that he had was used up by their Mother.  Their mother told them that she bought ice cream for Maven with that money but Mason was sure she had some money left over but did not give it back to Maven.  He starts crying for the sake of his younger brother.  They are so sweet at his age.  When they turn 50 it will turn to a makjang drama fighting with their brothers over their inheritance.  Kwanghee comforts him saying that noona (Sunhwa) has lots of money so Mason does not have to worry.  Only then did he stop crying.


They ask the kids what they liked to eat.  Kwanghee mentions pizza and both Mason and Maven started showing their love for pizza.  Kwanghee joins in the excitement but was told off by Sunhwa to act like a grown up in front of the little boys.  Poor Sunhwa has to deal with four little kids, including Kwanghee.  They decided to make a move letting mommy and daddy have their date.


Kwanghee, Sunhwa and the three little boys go toy shopping.  For the little boys, it is as if they died and gone to toy heaven.  The two older boys, Mason and Maven, run around looking at all the toys in the store.  The little one, Maden, is shopping cart bound pushed around by Sunhwa.  While pushing around the cart, Sunhwa spots some toys on the shelf and calls out to Mason.  She picks up a box and calls for Mason’s attention.  Maden takes a look at the box, then looks at Sunhwa like she’s grown horns at the top of her head and says “that’s for girls” twice but was ignored by Sunhwa.  Finally, he screams out loud and clear that it is a toy for girls.  He’s such a cutie!  Sunhwa puts back the toy.


The older boys point out the toy guns they want and whatever they pointed at, Kwanghee puts in the cart.  Maden sees that his brothers are getting the cool toy guns so he gives up on his earlier selection.  As the piles of toy guns get higher and higher in the cart, Sunhwa gets worried and stops Kwanghee from taking anymore.  She declares that they each only get one gun, no swords or masks.  She takes a bunch of toy boxes, piles them on Kwanghee then sends him off with them telling him to put it back.  Her words deems credible as the boys nodded and hummed “mmm” to agree with her tyranny.

20130311-172441.jpg 20130311-172445.jpg

They return to Kwanghee and Sunhwa’s house at the We Got Married village.  (All of a sudden I’m wondering if Jinwoon and Junhee will get Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo’s house.)  They unboxed their toys and the little boys go around shooting their toy guns.  Talk about learning violence at a young age.  Kwanghee fakes dying when he is shot.  The little boys shoot their toy guns at each other and Kwanghee asks them why they do not die after getting shot.  Mason answers that it is because they are stronger than Kwanghee.  Sunhwa plays along faking bleeding after getting shot in the head.


Kwanghee opens bags of coloured balls and dumps them on each of the little boys.  They have fun with the raining coloured balls, laughing with glee.  Sunhwa on the other hand starts screaming at Kwanghee to stop because she has to clean up after them.  That is why mothers can be so irritable sometimes.

Kwanghee and Sunhwa gets cornered by the little boys then declared that they will transform and ran upstairs.  The Moon brothers followed suit.

20130311-172451.jpg 20130311-172457.jpg

Kwanghee come back down with the three boys dressed in superhero outfits.  Mason and Kwanghee are in Iron Man outfits, Maven in a Superman outfit and Maden in a Spiderman outfit.  They started shooting the toy guns at each other.  Kwanghee says that he needs to transform so he puts on his Iron Man mask.  He gets really loud then trips over the sofa and falls.  Maden gets shocked probably from the mask and the noise and he makes a face ready to start crying.  Kwanghee notices the situation and removes his mask.  Scary Uncle Kwanghee!  He picks Maden up and holds him to pacify him.


Meanwhile, Sunhwa comes downstairs in a Superwoman outfit.  When Maden sees her, he is fascinated and stops crying momentarily.  She then notices Maden then holds him to comfort him.


They give the kids some yogurt (It bothers me that there are many ways to spell yogurt) drinks.  Sunhwa wonders why Maden is not drinking his so she checked his diaper.  Oops.  Number 1 detected.  Sunhwa calls out to Kwanghee asking her to help him because she has never changed a diaper in her life.  I would be so grossed out.   This is why I am not in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) field.  You need to deal so much crap on a daily basis.  Literally.


Maven says that he needs to go pee and so does Mason.  Kwanghee takes them to the washroom but first start removing Maven’s Superman cape.  This is why mothers do not allow their kids to wear superhero outfits every day.


Sunhwa doesn’t know which way is up for the diaper and has to ask Maden for directions.  Imagine how things are like for Maden.  Here’s this ajumma trying to change your diaper and she does not know how while you’re there sitting on top of a pool of your own pee.  She manages to figure out which side goes in front (hey, it’s a 50-50 chance) then changes Maden’s diaper.  Isn’t she supposed to at least use a baby wipe on him?  It’s probably edited out anyway.  Maden has to tell her how to fasten the diaper telling her where the sticky part of the tape needs to go.

In the interview she admitted that she felt embarrassed about changing Maden’s diaper.  She’s thankful that Maden knows how his diaper is changed and provided her with instructions.

Let’s see if they really do get to eat pizza in next week’s episode!


One thought on “Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 160

  1. So funny! Loved “He starts crying for the sake of his younger brother. They are so sweet at his age. When they turn 50 it will turn to a makjang drama fighting with their brothers over their inheritance.”

    And many other comments besides! Thank you!

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