Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 160

2AM’s live comeback performance on Music Bank!  Their full length album is entitled “One Spring Day”.


After their driving date in last week’s episode, Jinwoon and Junhee head to a gym for a fencing date.  Jinwoon surely picks weird things to do on the first few dates.  He’s learnt fencing for the Idol Sports Competition and placed second.  He explained that a member of B1A4 won first place in that competition.  Is Jinwoon losing fencing and Junhee’s heart to B1A4 members?  Junhee giggled happily at the mention of B1A4.  Jinyoung of B1A4 won first place for fencing during the Idol Sports Competition.  Would it have been better if Baro won the competition?  Junhee exercises her aegyo saying that it is unfortunate that Jinwoon placed second instead of first.

Bonus: Jinwoon and Junhee meets Baro on ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa’


Jinwoon has won matches against real fencing athletes so Junhee praises him for being good at it.  Instead of the humility people usually fake, Jinwoon takes it all in.  He explains that it is not too hard a sport and can do well if she knows the rules.  They decide to change into their fencing outfits.


Jinwoon waits for Junhee in his all white fencing outfit.  He admires Junhee in her fencing outfit saying that it looks good on her.  She notes that Jinwoon looks good in his outfit and gave him a pat on his arm and then does a quick scan up and down of his body.  Checkin’ him out!  Jinwoon asks her not to scan up and down because it is embarrassing.  She denies doing it while she scans him again.  The slow-mo clip of her scanning him up and down is hilarious!


They start off with some stretching exercises to warm up.  They first do a couple stretch with their backs to each other and arms linked.  Jinwoon bends forward, lifting Junhee up on his back.  She lets out a weird sound and starts giggling which make Jinwoon do the Jung Juri laugh.  (Video here at 0:20 mark)  It’s so funny that he grabs hold onto a shelf nearby while he laughed.


They switch to a different warm up stretch.  They are both seated on the ground with their feet touching and stretch out to hold onto each other’s hands.  Jinwoon is pretty stiff and fails to reach out to Junhee.  They both have long legs which make the exercise harder to do.  Probably that six pack of his is hindering Jinwoon from bending forward. LOL!  Junhee finally bends her knees sitting closer to Jinwoon and grabs hold of his hands but the stiff Jinwoon cries out in pain.  He lets go of Junhee’s hands and that sends her flying to the floor.


Jinwoon demonstrates some basic fencing movements.  He teaches Junhee the correct posture with both feet turned outwards forming a 90 degree angle.  For some reason, Junhee cannot balance herself with her feet opened outward.  She loses balance, giving Jinwoon plenty of skinship opportunities.  She then tries out the basic fencing movements that Jinwoon demonstrated earlier.  Her movements look a little too cute.


Fencing athletes usually make a sound when they get hit.  Jinwoon decides that they should both make a sound when they hit someone.  Junhee makes an “oi oi” sound while raising two fists in the air.  Jinwoon says that she should make a sexy glance through the mask and asked her to wink after she shouts “oi oi”.  He suggested that she shouts “ang” (Korean’s idea of a cute sound) but she rejected it asking him to do it instead.  So now that a sound is decided, he starts thinking of an action (‘animation’ in Jinwoon’s own words) to go with it.  He decides to do a jump while folding both legs back.  Somebody make a GIF and send it to me!  I put this on this post LOL.


Jinwoon asks a fencing coach to be the referee for today.  Junhee struggles to put on her fencing mask arguing that she has a big head and she does not ‘digest’ hats well.  She finally gets it on.  Jinwoon does is “ang” scream with the jump and the referee’s face turned sour and quickly suggested that they start their game.


Whoever wins five games win the set.  (Sorry, using tennis terms here.  I’m not familiar with fencing).  Two seconds into the first game and Jinwoon wins a point.  It’s obviously unfair because Junhee has never played the game before.  Quickly Jinwoon wins four games.  In the fifth game, Junhee was attacking Jinwoon and calls out “time” to pause the game but turns around when Jinwoon lets his guard down and attacks him in the abdomen.  The fencing coach goes with it and awarded her a point and the score is at 4-1.  Jinwoon gains his fifth point soon after and wins the set at 5-1.  They take a short break to catch their breath.


Junhee asks for a rule change because Jinwoon has the advantage.  She plays on his heartstrings asking if he really wanted to hit her so bad that he is not letting her win.  Jinwoon suggested that he’ll play on one foot.  Even on one foot, he earns his first point in the second set.  Junhee gets slightly angry and attacks back ferociously winning three games.


She falls to the ground when Jinwoon attacks successfully and the coach said that the game is invalid.  This is to protect the safety of the players.  She cheered “oi oi” and winked at the direction of the coach.  Junhee learns this quickly and applies this to the next game when Jinwoon wins a point.  Being an actress can be beneficial sometimes.  The fencing coach calls it a “no count”.  Jinwoon is outraged by the situation.


Jinwoon fakes a fall when Junhee attacked successfully but the coach considers it a successful attack on Junhee’s side.  The point goes to Junhee.  Not too long after, Junhee wins another game and wins the set with the score of 3-5.  They take another breather.  The coach treats Junhee nicely asking her to take a seat while he tells Jinwoon that he’s supposed to stand on one foot even during the break but the coach is going easy on him today.  The coach really has a sense of humour and it is nicely done for the show.


Jinwoon said that Junhee had skipped out on winking at him three times when she won at the game.  He asks for three winks for compensation.  She obeys and he’s happy.  The coach starts the next set immediately as if to stop them from having any more cute moments.

Junhee wins the first game of the third set and Jinwoon asks her to wink at him.  She winks at him then winked at the coach.  The coach declares a win for Junhee but Jinwoon argues that the point was his.  The coach gives Jinwoon a warning for talking back at him.  Nothing will go Jinwoon’s way today because the coach is a fan of her drama Yawang or also known as King of Ambition.


Junhee wins the match and gives the coach a light hug.  I bet he’s not going to wash the clothes he was wearing. Ever.  Jinwoon asked Junhee to make a speech as if she won the gold medal.  She plays along complete with the fake cry and choked up speech addressing her mother.  “Dae Han Min Guk (Republic of Korea) Fighting!  I am Korea’s daughter!”  LOL

20130311-145647.jpg 20130310-030349.jpg

She asks Jinwoon if he is crying, tries to wipe off a tear and then puts her hand on his chest then moves her hand slightly down his chest.  I sense an ulterior motive.  He says that he is sad because she beat him at the sport.  He takes hold of her hand as she comforts him.


The interviewer asked Junhee if she held Jinwoon’s hand.  She plays the short term memory card and says that she doesn’t remember.  They ask her if it was skinship but she said it wouldn’t be if Jinwoon forgets.  Jinwoon was asked about skinship and he remembers holding her hand by the fingers.  Why do they even care about hand holding when Junhee obviously had her hand ever so slightly running down his chest?

Tune in next week to see if Junhee suffers from short term memory loss.


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