Sneak Peek of We Got Married Episode 160

I’ll be writing up the recaps within the day or two so this post will help ease the longing 😉

Kwanghee & Sunhwa

This couple will be babysitting the Moon Brothers: Mason, Maven and Maden. Arguably the cutest babies on TV. When Mason was a baby he appeared in lots of shows. Those innocent huge round eyes…. Aww!

Kwanghee and Sunhwa took the three brothers toy shopping. Kwanghee plays the good uncle card and wants to buy the whole store for them. It forces Sunhwa to lay down some rules, sending Kwanghee to put some toys back onto the shelves.

They all return to Kwanghee and Sunhwa’s. The little boys unwrap their toys.

The boys play superhero dress up. Suddenly Maden starts bawling because he was shocked by Kwanghee… Or we originally think so. There seem to be something else driving that loud cry….

Yes, that is Sunhwa changing a diaper! Maden went poo-poo and Sunhwa has to clean up. Worst part is that she had to get schooled by Maden on how to change his diaper!

Jinwoon & Junhee

After the disastrous driving lesson on last week’s episode, they come to a gym to learn fencing. Jinwoon has learnt fencing for the Idol Olympics and really liked it. B1A4 comes up in their discussion and Jinwoon takes the chance to bring up Baro (Junhee told him she was a fan of Baro). Jealousy is in the air, alright.

They change into their fencing gear and Junhee checks out Jinwoon’s body. That Men’s Health cover really make her curious what’s under that shirt, huh? But really, who blames her? *wink*

They do some stretching to warm up… But why do I have a feeling that Jinwoon is taking advantage of the situation?

They have a few rounds of fencing. After Jinwoon wins the first game, Junhee asks him for a handicap and he plays the next few games balancing himself on one foot. It’s going well for Junhee because the referee is biased and totally takes her side when she fakes getting hurt then earning herself a point.

Skinship explosion after their game! These two silly cuties acting all innocent about it when they were grilled in the interview.


2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of We Got Married Episode 160

  1. Oh my Gosh, do Jinwoon and Junhee actually like each other? Imagine the gorgeous babies! And they didn’t even get permission from their managers!

    As for KwangHee and Sunhwa, that looks pretty funny where the diapers getting changed by their “I’m A Star ” pics.

    Also have any of the Big Bang or 2ne1 members been on this show?

    Sent from my iPad

    • Lol gorgeous kids alright!

      I don’t remember Big Bang or 2NE1 members on WGM as a guest. I am pretty sure they have not been on the show as one of the couples though.

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