Le Cordonnier Guide to Shoes

I don’t know if you have noticed our blog’s slogan: “The Shoemakers Guide to the (our) World”. How could we have not written a post about shoes at all thus far? Ridinkulous!

So we all know that heels are bad for us but it does not stop us from wearing them. Blame it on those massive high heels that give us that beautiful extension making our legs look longer. Sometimes standing on an elevated platform can help to hide ugly shapeless legs­­­.



All shoes from Aldo.

Heels: 1) INA in teal; 2)BESSODIA in medium green

Wedge: 3)HAZINSKI in red misc.; 4)DESEREE in bone


There are different variations of thickness and height of heels. What are your favourites? Personally I stick to high and low heels but avoid stilettos or kitten heels. Those skinny looking heels scare me. I would be on my toes all day if I were in stilettos. I gravitate towards thicker heels because they are sturdier and I can run in them when there is a need to. It always amazes me how Catwoman can still kick butt in those stilettos. If I were her, I would be worried about how to run and fight in those shoes while trying to keep my boobs from falling out of those skin tight, low-cut outfits. Yeah, that’s why she’s Catwoman and I’m not.


Now these are a lot more comfy than heels. The wedge is like a sloped platform where the base of the shoe is flat. This means more surface area in contact with the ground hence resulting in greater stability. Doubles as a great weapon too. I can envision a snatch thief getting a concussion from being hit with a flying wedge. However, there is a downside to this kind of shoes when the ground is not level. The wedge’s enemy is the pebble. If you step on one while wearing wedges, think a mini see-saw. See where I’m going with it? Hazardous.


Shoes from Aldo. Left: AMEDIA in peach; Right: GROWNEY in beige

Want comfort? Trade in some fashion for it.


For the girly girl who is slightly willing to trade fashion for comfort but not in its entirely, flats will fit perfectly in their shoe closet. It pairs nicely with a dress, skirt or jeans. Less glamorous, yes, but you will save some money from those foot massages. According to reports, those flats don’t do you good either.


I wish sneakers look good with a skirt. Or make legs look better. Then I will be head over heels in love with sneakers.


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