Friday Flashback: Intro to Nintendogs!

As a 80’s-90’s girl, I’m going to be writing about things that I remember the most. These may be posts in small portions or a full blown post. Today’s post is the latter, as I finally found my long-lost Original Nintendo DS Lite from about four years ago. And yes, I am quite the gamer girl and I’ll be occasionally posting about gaming. Anyways, may we all bask in its beauty for a second. -pause-image

If you look closely, the game that I had last in my NDS Lite was Nintendogs, a game that was very popular back in the early 2000”s. Basically what the game is about is caring for a puppy you bought at the local kennel like a real puppy.

It’s great for kids who’s family members are deathly scared of dogs or allergic, and those kids who just doesnt live in an environment that allows pets, whether it be physical surrounding (apartment manager doesnt allow pets) or they don’t have the time or energy to invest in raising a real dog. Having a real puppy holds a LOT of responsibility, and a lot of money (when they’re sick, but let’s not think about that). Think about all the bags of food you have to replenish, the treats, toys, and other accessories. Those aren’t a biggie if you really love your pet. But what if you have a full-time job as well as your boyfriend?

Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s where Nintendogs step in!

They’re cute, trainable, and pocket-size (No this is not a sponsored post)~! It’s a voice-activated game that allows you to call your doggy by its name (yes, you get to choose your own name and double yes, it responds to you), teach it tricks, and sing crazy songs to it just for fun. Just a few tricks that you can teach it:

Lets say you named your puppy Mittens.

1) Sit – pet Mittens gently with your stylus and then slide the stylus in a downward motion. She will automatically sit down and the little icon will pop up asking you to teach her the trick.
2) Shake – when Mittens is sititng down, hold one of her paws and shake.
3) Lie Down – pet her head gently when Mittens is sitting down, and then slide the stylus down again.
4) Jump – sometimes your puppy will be in a playful mood and shake it’s butt at you. When this happens, tap above her head multiple times and Mittens will respond by jumping in the air. This trick is very impressive in the eyes of the Obedience Training judges, which will come in depth in another post. Maybe I will include that with how I finally found my beloved DS 🙂

Other than teaching Mittens tricks, there’s lots of activities you can bring her to. You can take her to the walk to the park and practice her agility or Frisbee toss.


A map of your neighborhood while taking your dog for a walk

There’s even a discount shop but you have to find it! Once you do, you’ll have to remember which way you went because the things in the puppy shop in the main menu are really expensive and you only get money by going to contests and selling things you don’t need in the second hand shop.

One thing though with the training, you have to really enunciate each word very carefully. I taught my puppy sit once and got so frustrated because apparently I was slurring and he decided to be a rebel and not listen to me. On an ending note, each puppy has its own personality which is stated before you buy him or her. Depending on the personality, it will either make your training experience a good one or even a not so good one, if you chose one with some attitude in its paws~

Did you ever play Nintendogs when you were younger? Which console do you play the most and which games? 🙂


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