Thursday Love List – Mulberry

I’ve been quite obsessed with Mulberry as of late.

mulberryThe Alexa Oversized Tote

And no, it is not a very good obsession either. Obsessions either make or break you, and let me tell you this, it is breaking my heart at the moment at how beautiful this creation is. I saw a girl at the supermarket wearing one and let me tell you, I almost dropped the avocados and other ingredients for sushi that I was carrying. It was that beautiful!

.I will make it my goal to own you before I turn the big 3-0!

Time to start saving. 😥


2 thoughts on “Thursday Love List – Mulberry

  1. Love Mulberry. I’ve had an Araline since 2007 & I use it every year.

    & what’s cool is that, although that particular look is often sold, when you carry Mulberry, it’s so clearly Queen B!

    • Omg~ you have a Mulberry?! Blair Waldorf would be your best friend. 🙂 What colour Araline did you get? If I got an Alexa I would donate all my existing bags and just live in that one haha 🙂

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