Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 159

I know a few people are waiting for this post.  This blog has had a few searches for this recap and I apologize for the late post!


We bid farewell to the Shoulders and Cherry couple.


Seah looks busy in the kitchen.  Julien comes by wondering what she is doing.  (Julien changed his hairstyle and hair colour.  The colour is not too bad but I prefer his previous hairstyle.  The bangs do not seem to go very well with his sharp features.)  She has not made a lot of proper meals for Julien and wants to make up for it with the beef patties she is making.  Julien gives Seah a gift.  It was a smartphone case encrusted with gems.


The design is a cherry on a man’s shoulders.  Seah loves the gift.  Julien intended to give Seah the gift on White Day but instead this turns out to be the last gift he will give her.  A few days earlier, Julien and Seah both received mission cards that required them to prepare gifts for each other because their virtual marriage will be ending.


Julien personally made the smartphone case for Seah.  The meaning behind the design of the smartphone case is that Julien wants to be there to support Seah so that she can live comfortably on his shoulders.  Aww!  He’s so good with words.  It did not require any explanation to Seah about the meaning behind the design of the smartphone case.  Seah starts tearing up when she talks about the gift being the last one she will receive.


They have their meal of beff patties and salad that was prepared by Seah.  Julien likes the taste of it.  Seah is happy that it suits his taste but made a remark that it tastes a little too salty.  He says that he likes salty food anyway.  The emcees note that Julien has changed his ways to keep Seah happy.

They take a photo together and Seah says that she will send it to Julien.  She tells him to take not of the number that she is sending it from.  During the interview, Julien explained that Seah changed her phone number and he was informed but he forgot to delete her old phone number.  He has been sending messages to the old phone number and not receiving a reply.  It has been going on for two to three months.  He thought that it was something that he’s done to receive that sort of treatment from Seah.  He regrets his mistake and sometimes he is curious about how much closer they can become if he continued to keep in contact with her.


Julien takes out his phone and plays a Bob Marley song.   He explained that it was a song that Bob Marley has written for his wife.  The line “I got this message for you girl, but it seems I was never on time” hits close to home and Seah starts to cry.  He translates some of the lyrics for Seah.


There are candles on the coffee table in the shape of a heart and Julien asks Seah to come into the living room.  Seah comes down wearing the shoes Julien has got for her.  She says to him, “I wore them to come to you on a nice day.”  Verdict: Seah, guilty for stealing lines from the drama A Gentleman’s Dignity.

20130305-123321.jpg 20130305-123856.jpg

He invites her to sit down on the couch and pulls up the letter he has written to her that was hidden in the couch.  He reads the handwritten (kindergarten handwriting) letter it to her.

“My wife Cherry, hello!  This is the first letter I have written since we got married.  Nowadays more people tend to call me ‘Kang Shoulders’ than ‘Julien Kang’.  I have gotten used to my nickname.  Many people encouraged Cherry and Shoulders by leaving messages and through that I always realize that I am Cherry’s husband.  Although their wonderful marriage life is ending, an end brings a new beginning.  Cherry, I hope you will live cheerfully, positively and beautifully in the new beginning.  I will protect you forever.  Je ne t’oublierai jamais!”


Seah is touched and cries because of his sincere words.  Julien says that he has not expressed his feelings very well and he will regret it later on.  He knows that it is all too late now.  Seah knows that Julien has his ways of expressing his feelings but she always wanted confirmation.


I will miss Seah and her bluntness.  She wipes away her tears saying that it is embarrassing.  She excuses herself to fix her makeup.  She comes back with a gift for Julien.  She takes out a pair of running shoes from the box and presents it to Julien.  She says the same line that Julien had said to her, “on a nice day, wear them prettily and come to me.”  Inside the shoes were labels that read “Happiness” (행복해) and “Remember” (기억해).  Julien puts them on.  Seah wishes that Julien will be loved by many and not be hurt when he exercises when he wears those shoes.  She asks him to be careful not to injure his hip like he did the last time.  Julien gives her a tight embrace.


She asks him for a dance, just like Julien did the first time they met.


Julien hopes that Seah meets good people and be careful so that she will not get hurt because she is soft hearted.


One thought on “Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 159

  1. Couldn’t you guys pretty please ask Shia& Reagy to sub more Dad? It’s so frustrating not knowing what they are saying. Most of the requests on their chatongo are for this show too, so why are they subbing other things instead of this?

    Aish, need my aegyo fix…

    Kind Regards,


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