Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 159

Still haven’t gotten over how cute these two are.



Time to taste test Jinwoon’s japchae.  The noodles are crunchy!  It is supposed to be soft and a little chewy.  Jinwoon declares that he does not have any talent for cooking.


Junhee takes a bite too.  (She’s so pretty!)  She suggests that Jinwoon get rid of the noodles and make a new batch but keep the existing stir fried vegetables in the dish.


Jinwoon was surprise at her brilliant idea so he calls her a genius.  Upon hearing that Junhee winks at Jinwoon.  He is overjoyed!

20130306-001252.jpg 20130306-001248.jpg

He starts on a new batch of noodles and this time cooks it to the perfect texture.  He tries it and is happy with it so he rushes over to Junhee to give her a hug.  He calls it the hug of thanks.  In the interview Junhee complains about how he does skinship a little too carelessly and does not even consider it skinship.  She says that the next thing you know he gives her a kiss and calls it the kiss of happiness.


There are no major difficulties with Junhee’s fried fish dish.  However, her seaweed soup is a bit of a worry.  She adds endless soy sauce to it.  Feeling like it needs something more, she tosses in a few pieces of garlic.  I think she gives up at the end when she started wondering how much longer does the soup needs to boil.  She stand there with her arms crossed watching the bubbling cauldron pot.


The chef comes back to check on them and they have completed their dishes.  Time for the official taste test!  The chef starts with Jinwoon’s japchae.  He tastes some and is shocked by the taste then lets out a nervous laugh.  Jinwoon has a huge laugh at the chef’s reaction.  Next, he tries Junhee’s seaweed soup.  The chef says that it is quite good but could have been better if she had given it a few more extra minutes on the stove and left out the garlic pieces.  The chef crowns Junhee the winner of the cooking contest that day.


Jinwoon and Junhee (are forced to) eat what they cooked.  He takes a large slurp of the noodles and laughs at the taste.  Jinwoon starts talking about a photo of Junhee that is on the internet.  She acts shy about that photo saying that she is not confident about her body.


She then says that she does not like guys with great bodies.  Jinwoon responded it means that she would not like him.  Awh~ two shameless people.  Junhee asks him if he has a picture of himself and that hot bod of his on his phone.  No need for that!  Jinwoon searches up a photo of which he was the cover of Men’s Health.  Yo, you could see Junhee’s pupils dilating from here.  She calls it the Ninja Turtle abs.  In the interview she said that she will do a web search on Jinwoon when she goes home so she can see more pictures.


Jinwoon told her that he saw her kiss scene in her drama.  (With Kwon Sang Woo!  Gosh, what did this woman do in her past life?)  She starts defending saying that it’s all work.  He tells her not to worry about it and he is not questioning her about it.  Quickly she added that she hates the kiss scene too.  She asks Jinwoon not to have a kiss scene if he acts.  During the filming, they have to do a scene a few times because of the different frames and angles they need.  She hopes that Jinwoon sticks to singing.  Jinwoon on the other hand said that it is better if she has lots of takes for her kiss scene so that the feeling goes away.  He said that if it is only twice or thrice, there is a longing feeling but if it is filmed 20 times all feelings disappear.  I think he sorta has a point.  LOL.


She asks him about who he wants to have a kiss scene with.  He takes his time to act like he is considering then answers, “recently I think Go Junhee is pretty good.”  She is embarrassed but plays along answering with “Ah, Go Junhee?  The one that I know of?”  Kim Jong Min (emcee) praises Jinwoon for his good answer and saying that being a WGM emcee for two years really did JInwoon some good.


Few days later, they come to a driving academy so that Jinwoon can teach Junhee how to drive.  A disastrous event for most couples.  Also skiing (refer Jokwon & Gain couple from two years back).  They get on the cool yellow car that looks a little like a cab.  Inside, the car has a programmed test.  It goes ‘ding dong’ when you get it right and talks when you get it wrong.  So cool.  If only my driving test was like that.


Junhee does fine with starting the engine but messes up badly when she receives the instructions to check the highlights and lowlights.  Jinwoon that’s the sign for you that it’s going to be a looooong day.  Junhee starts driving a little too fast and scares Jinwoon.  When the program warns her about the danger ahead, she does not show signs of stopping or slowing down.  Not too long later, she gets the notification that she has failed the test.


She speeds off somewhere.  Poor Jinwoon is like a broken record screaming for her to slow down.  He asks her to stop the car and they move to their own car for practice.  Despite feeling a bit more familiar with their own car, her driving skills does not improve.  She cannot stay within the lane and takes turns a little too quickly.  Jinwoon says that if they were in a crash they would both die at this point.  I want Jinwoon as my driving instructor.  He’s so patient and makes driving very mathematical and scientific.  With my driving instructor it was all by feel and I really hated that.


He is rather patient, raises his voice but laughs it off.  Need to get 2AM’s mailing address so that I can request that he teaches me how to drive.  Junhee is pretty bad at taking directions and controlling her speed.  She crashes into the bushes and nearly backs up into the tiny ditch while trying to park the car.  The pitiful guy is at the brink of having a seizure.


Jinwoon demonstrates how to parallel park and delivers a lecture with it.  Noticing a blank look on her face, he smooths a strand of her hair.  Then she says that there are cars with park assist but Jinwoon said that he does not have the money to buy her that kind of car.  Pretty similar to what I said to my father!  She is not all that bad at parallel parking probably from the improvement in taking directions from Jinwoon.


Jinwoon says that she does not really need to know how to drive with him and her manager around.  The interviewer asks if she would get better with practice.  Jinwoon said that she would only end up getting more tickets.  If I was a male traffic police, I would let her go if she looked at me with that cute face.

More next week!


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