IRIS 2: Quarterly Review

IRIS 2 is just a little more than a quarter of its run with 6 aired episodes out of the 20 it will have. It’s a good time to do a little review on the events that had happened in the past 6 episodes.

WARNING: This post is crammed with spoilers.


Baek San escaped from NSS but he realizes that IRIS is after him. He surrenders back to NSS and is held at an NSS safety house. While there, he asks for all different newspapers to be delivered to him daily. IRIS had written codes on the newspapers and those that are affiliated with IRIS can decode the message. To return the favour to Jong Yoo Gun (Jang Hyuk) for saving his life, Baek San warns that something bad will happen in Hungary where the discussion between North Korea and South Korea is held.


The intel from Baek San proved true as both North and South Korea are under the attack of IRIS. The North leader was assassinated and the South’s former president was shot at. (Lee Jung Gil, the guy that plays South Korea’s former president, never seem to die in a lot of his dramas. LOL! He’s had multiple heart attacks, been sick too many times and was shot at, but half the time comes back alive and kicking.) Both sides are weary about the next attack from IRIS and are determined to crackdown on the organization.

Because Team A failed their mission of protecting the former president of North Korea, Team leader Jong Yoo Gun gets a one month suspension. During his time away from NSS, he spends time with Soo Yun (Lee Da Hae). While the both of them were visiting Yoo Gun’s mother, she asked Yoo Gun to bring some kimchi side dishes for Lieutenant Ha. On his way there, Yoo Gun came across Rey, the IRIS english speaking baddie. Rey tries to run him over with a car but Yoo Gun escaped. Yoo Gun ran into Lieutenant Ha’s house only to find him lying there dead. He calls it in then quickly searches the house and finds a secret notebook. Later, he mourns over the death of Lieutenant Ha. He read the secret notebook and finds a picture of his parents with Baek San and a crawl in pencil that read, “Yoo Gun scouted by NSS… Is this fate?”

From the flashback we see that Baek San and Yoo Gun’s mother were in love. (Ack! Shock of the century!). Yoo Gun’s father (or is he????) reminded Baek San that an agent like him should not be falling in love. The photo that Yoo Gun found in the secret notebook was supposed to be a photo of Baek San and his mother, but Baek San asked Yoo Gun’s father (maybe Baek San is Yoo Gun’s daddy??? Oh em gee!!) to join in.

Baek Ji Young’s boyfriend play a young Baek San. He was adorable as one of the Joseon power rangers in Rooftop Prince!

Soo Yun shot an IRIS sniper in the eye (it’s so gruesome!) while they were in Hungary and it had affected her shooting skills. The Deputy Director of NSS, Choi Min, consoles her by saying it is the nature of the work. Also, despite it sounding cruel, the more people she starts killing the easier it will be. Eventually, one becomes numb of all feelings. However, Soo Yun keeps suspecting that there is something wrong with her right hand that causes her to shoot badly. She practices at the shooting range frequently. Hyun Woo (Yoon Doo Joon) noticed Soo Yun struggling with her hand so he visits her at the shooting range one day and reminds her that she is only a gold medalist shooter at the shooting range. She gets over the psychological struggle of killing the sniper and hits the bulls eye at the shooting range.

The assassin, Yun Hwa, that took the North Korean representative’s life was caught and interrogated by the North. Despite being tortured and beaten, she does not utter a word. She believes that after she tells them all she knows of IRIS, she would be worthless and hence will be eliminated. As a member of IRIS, she too can decode the messages in the newspaper. Her accomplice, Joong Won, is also in holding. She writes a message to IRIS through publishing a newspaper article, all with the approval of the North. She is certain that an answer will be given sometime. It is then revealed that her sister was Sun Hwa (Kim So Yun), the North Korean agent from season 1. Loving these twists!

Baek San was attacked at the safety house. His location was discovered by IRIS despite it being classified information. NSS Deputy Director Choi Min, and Jong Yoo Gun figured that there is a mole in the NSS organization. They decide to lay out a trap to find the mole. Choi Min shared with Yoo Gun that she lost her parents and boyfriend to terrorism and she is determined to fight it so that it will never separate her from her loved ones again.

They sent out a decoy with two trucks going to two different locations. Either one of the trucks supposedly contains Baek San. In reality, Baek San is in neither one of those trucks but was still held at the NSS facility. Baek San discloses that IRIS is after him for the location of the five nuclear weapons scattered all over Seoul. He is the only person who knows where all the weapons are located. An agent is dressed as Baek San along and other Team A agents are in one truck with guns all loaded anticipating IRIS’ attack. There is information at the NSS system about who is in which truck. The mole was Section Chief Lee Soo Jin who was very close to the NSS Director. She informed Rey about the location of the truck that contained Jong Yoo Gun. She deduced that Baek San will be with Jong Yoo Gun.

Before the craziness, Jong Yoo Gun tells Soo Yun to check out the smallest Matryoshka dolls (those doll inside another doll thingy) in her apartment when she gets home. Somehow he still manages to squeeze in a little romance in the midst of all that chaos that was to come.


The IRIS baddies crashed into the NSS entourage. Guns firing and lots of people dying later, Jong Yoo Gun was shot in the head by one of IRIS’ snipers. The gun fires continue until there were only a few IRIS baddies but they escaped with Jong Yoo Gun. Soo Yun loses it and this causes suspicions to arise with the Deputy Director. Her suspicions of Yoo Gun and Soo Yun were more than colleagues were confirmed by Hyun Woo.

Jong Yoo Gun falls into the hands of IRIS and is being rescued by the doctors on a private plane. Meanwhile, Soo Yun goes around bullying and shooting Lee Soo Jin to make her give up Jong Yoo Gun’s whereabouts. Soo Yun stubbornly believes that Jong Yoo Gun is still alive even though the coroner found his brain tissue at the crime scene. Baek San told Soo Yun that he believes that Jong Yoo Gun is still alive because IRIS would not take anyone that will not be of use.

Man, are you tense enough from reading already? I sure am from writing. We need some comic relief. The chief coroner still has his sense of humour even with so many people dropping dead. He shares snacks with the NSS rookies and lower rankers on the autopsy table. He dips his chip into a pool of red liquid wondering if it is gochujang (chilli paste) but one of his disciples (LOL) stopped him because it was blood from one of the dead guys that he forgot to clean up. He still popped the chip in his mouth after finding out. It’s killing my appetite! The NSS snacking clan disbanded right after.

With Jong Yoo Gun’s disappearance, Soo Yun becomes the team leader of Team A. She is more of a monster than Jong Yoo Gun was, her anger is a great driving force to gain leads to track down IRIS. She moves into Jong Yoo Gun’s place to keep the apartment lived in and cared for until he comes back. Behind two bookshelves she discovers Yoo Gun’s work to uncover the mystery behind IRIS, Baek San and his family.

There is a time skip of 9 months. NSS continues their work to uncover IRIS’ tracks. They work with very faint trails and minuscule leads. After a chat with Hyun Woo, Soo Yun realizes that she has never checked the Matryoshka dolls. She rushes to her place and finds an engagement ring from Yoo Gun and a piece of paper that read “I love you, Soo Yun”. Heartbreak!

In a flashback, young Baek San (who wasn’t known as Baek San then) got a call from Yoo Gun’s mom (I think). He hears that she is in trouble so he rushes to help her but instead was beaten up and lost consciousness. When he regained his consciousness, an agent informs him that he shall now live by the name Baek San and that the woman and the baby she was carrying is dead. The woman asks for Yoo Sang Joon but was told by the same agent that he is dead. She is to live her life with a new identity and the child she was to give birth to shall take on her last name instead of the baby daddy’s. My question: Is Baek San and Yoo Sang Joon the same person? If they are the same person why did the secret notebook say that Baek San killed Yoo Sang Joon? If they are not the same person then why did the woman ask for Sang Joon right after we were shown young Baek San’s teary and beat up face?

In Akita, Japan (why are these characters going to the same places as those characters in IRIS?) Jong Yoo Gun is spotted fishing with a little boy. He sits there to fish without a bait because all he wanted to do was recollect his thoughts. He lives with a family and seem to be living a wholesome life. There is a twist where he wakes up in the middle of the night to assassinate people. Eep! He and Rey become drinking buddies discussing the work they do for IRIS. Rey justifies the work IRIS does being according to God’s command. Don’t go manipulating God’s words, you creep!

Episode 6 ends with Soo Yun finding the secret notebook and reading the line that said, “I do not have prove that Baek San killed Yoo Sang Joon.” Yunhwa also received an answer from IRIS regarding her question.

Only a quarter of the run and we already have Jong Yoo Gun on the dark side. It’s unpredictable and I’m not smart enough to figure out. I like it that way 😀 I hate it when I figure out the ending correctly before a movie or series end.

By the way, MBLAQ fans will be glad to know that Lee Joon is on board since episode 5. Although I have to say I find the other guy playing his friend and colleague way cuter >.< I have a feeling I’ve seen this guy somewhere…. But where?


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