Beauty Subscription Boxes – Are you Subscribed?

The newest thing that has been very popular the past few years are beauty subscription boxes. Basically, the whole idea is that you pay a certain price (usually $10-$15) a month, and you get a box of 3-5 samples depending on the type of company you subscribe to.  I think these subscription services are a great way to try out new products and to see what’s out there. However, sometimes the sizes of the products are what you could get from stores for free. Do you think  subscription boxes are worth the price?


Ipsy – founded by Michelle Phan. You pay $10 for a new bag every month with your subscription. These can be nail polishes, mascara samples, and the newest thing that I’ve seen: highlighting and blusher papers. I wouldn’t have known those were even available should it was not a feature product! They first started as MyGlam and then changed to Ipsy mid 2012.

Eco Emi – a green-friendly service that are all natural and organic. Even their wrapping paper is earth friendly! They’ve had shampoo samples, vegan chocolates, and even vegan eyeshadows! The things you learn off the internet! Sometimes they even have organic tea samples. ^_^

Birch Box – $10/month gives you samples straight to your door from brands such as Carol’s Daughter, Kerastase, Stila, and Keihl’s (my favourite!). What’s cool about this one is that they have versions for men, too! So ladies with extra cash in their pocket and want to pamper a special someone, you know which to choose ;D

Those are just a few subscription services that are available out there. There’s even some for your furry animal friends, and ones that you can pick out jewelry pieces every month!

So what do you think? Are these services worth the price for what you get? I’m actually thinking of subscribing myself to one so I’d like your feedback!!! ^__^


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