Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 159


After hitting the gym, they headed to a fragrance shop to make their own scent.  The perfumer explains that people usually remember the scent when they were the happiest.  I always doubt this statement because I do not seem to remember any scent during a time when I was happy.  I don’t remember what Disneyland smelled like.  Heh.


Kwanghee picks a moment when he was the happiest with Sunhwa.  He describes the time when he was driving in Hawaii with Sunhwa in the passenger seat with her hair blowing in the wind.  Sunhwa picks the moment she found out Kwanghee was her husband.  Kwanghee said that the scent she remembers was of tears because Sunhwa cried her eyes out when she met him for the first We Got Married filming.  He played a prank on her where she thought that Siwan would be her virtual husband instead of Kwanghee.  She calls it the bittersweet memory of accepting reality.  More like reality hitting hard in your face.  Gotta watch that silicone in Kwanghee’s nose though 😛


They work on a scent for each other.  The perfumer comes back with bottles and bottles of essences of which includes the scent of tears.  Sunhwa took a sniff and said that it smelled of salt rooms at the sauna.  Kwanghee likes the scent of roses.  He then suggests that Sunhwa makes a scent for him when she thinks of doing something to him(?).  Sounds a little wrong, I know.  Something like how she wishes he smells like when she kisses him.  Owh cue the goosebumps.  He smelled the rose essence and said that is the scent he would like to smell when he kisses her.  Since they have not been having a lot of skinship (Korean slang for physical contact), the moment she sprays on the perfume Kwanghee says that his lips will explode.  Pfft!

Sunhwa asks Kwanghee if he remembered any scent from his ex-girlfriends.  He said that none of them had perfume.  She tells him about her ex-boyfriend who used a fragrant fabric softener that smelled like fluffy blankets (clean linen, maybe?) and she likes it.  Kwanghee said that she should ask the perfumer for the scent.  Sunhwa said that the scent will take her back to the past and upon hearing that Kwanghee take back his words.  She goes ahead and asks for the scent.


Kwanghee take a whiff of the scent of a first kiss.  He thinks the scent will go well with the rose essence he picked out earlier.  Sunhwa asks him about the scent that reminds him of his first kiss.  He said that the girl he kissed smelled sweet, a sweetness that cannot be described by words.  She, of course, gets irritated with his answer.  Why ask in the first place?  Kwanghee says that his first kiss was the longest he ever had and it lasted for an hour.  It’s obvious his rubbing salt on her wounds.  In anger she tells him that there were scent of flowers and the river at her first kiss.  Her hands were cold and the guy gave her grapefruit tea.  She added that he smelled like gum because they chewed gum before they kissed.  In the interview, she confesses that she lied.  The gum scent was made up because Kwanghee had a fond memory of his first kiss.


They finish combining the scent they liked and poured each of their perfume into their individual bottles.  They had some leftovers in their beakers and Kwanghee decided to mix their perfume in one bottle calling it Kwangsun perfume.  The colour does not look too promising as it turned milky white but both Sunhwa and Kwanghee liked the smell of the two fragrances together.  They decorate their perfume bottles.


Kwanghee asks about the ring that is on Sunhwa’s finger.  She told him that it was a gift from a fan.  He was worried that it might have some other significance.  Kwanghee asks for the size of her ring so he takes off the ring that she was wearing and puts it on his pinky.  He makes a mental note that her ring size is exactly the size of his pinky.  She asks for a silver ring, that is after coming down from a diamond and a 24K gold ring.


They try to name their perfumes and Kwanghee suggests giving it a sexy name.  Sunhwa likes the name Okbodan, similar to the cocktail.  She did not know the meaning of the name but she knows that it is the title of an er… erotic movie when she was younger.  Kwanghee said that it is available in 3D nowadays.  Gasp.  That’s why talk shows like to invite Kwanghee.  He says it like it his and does not bother about protecting his image.  She screams at him and ask him when and who he watched the movie with.  He paid KRW2000 (US$2) to watch it at this happened around midnight when everyone is asleep somewhere in December of 2012.  Sunhwa says that they were already ‘married’ then but Kwanghee said that she was recording for Secret’s album and he was a little lonely.


They spray on the perfume they made for each other.  The fragrance she made for Kwanghee was according to what she expected, smelling like fresh laundry.  Kwanghee asks her if she would like to hug him he sprayed on this perfume.  Coolly she answered that the smell just made her want to do her laundry.  Kwanghee tries to smell the fragrance off Sunhwa so he inched closer.  She avoided him and accidentally sprayed some perfume in his face.  He grabbed a bit of her hair and took a sniff.



They go to a restaurant in Hongdae.  On the way she spotted pink boots that she liked that was displayed in the window.  They arrive at the restaurant and Kwanghee said that it was a restaurant that he regularly frequented.  Sunhwa asks if he’s been here with other Ze:a members and the restaurant owner said that he has visited the restaurant with Ze:a and other celebrities.  The emcees at the studio gasped.  The screen cap is hilarious!  The owner verified that he’s brought actresses to the restaurant before.  Kwanghee admits that he’s brought his ex-girlfriend to the restaurant before.  Sunhwa gets upset so Kwanghee hurried up and ordered the food.


Kwanghee excused himself from the table to get something.  He comes back with a brown bag.  He hands the box that was in the bag to Sunhwa.  She opens the box and finds those pink boots that she saw at the store earlier.  Kwanghee puts the boots on for her and she is moved by his gesture.  She expressed her happiness by hitting Kwanghee repeatedly.  It is the first time for Sunhwa getting a gift this way and she is very happy with it.  Kwanghee slipped out of the restaurant quietly when Sunhwa went to the bathroom dragging her stylist with him.  Sunhwa had mentioned once that she has the same shoe size as her stylist and cannot believe that Kwanghee remembered such tiny details from their conversation.


Their food arrives and Kwanghee keeps his habit of feeding Sunhwa.  While eating a mouthful of pasta, she leaves some behind on the spoon.  Kwanghee eats up the bits that she left.  She asks Kwanghee to feed her again, this time taking a small bite leaving a huge amount on the spoon.  Kwangee eats all the leftovers.  She does the same with the pizza.  After taking a small bite, she leaves the pizza on Kwanghee’s plate.  It is her experiment to see whether Kwanghee will eat up all of the scraps of food she leaves behind.


Kwanghee whips out his iPad and searches for types of skinship.  He then asks Sunhwa to pick one out of the list and they will do it now.  She is surprised by it but later recovers by inching closer to Kwanghee.  Shocked by her courage, he avoided her.  He said that this is an example ‘confusing skinship’ that is included in the list.  They decided on a kiss.


Sunhwa takes out her phone to call the president of her management company to ask for permission to kiss Kwanghee.  Gosh, this part of the episode is hilarious.  Her president does not pick up so she proceeded to call the director a few times.  He too does not pick up.  Kwanghee called the president of his company and thank goodness he picks up so he contributes to the ridiculousness of the situation.  Kwanghee tells him straight up that he wants to kiss Sunhwa because they have been together for a while now.  He wants to do it there and then but he needs permission.  The president tells Kwanghee that he understands but it is better for Kwanghee to hold it in for now.  Kwanghee tells him to come to a consensus with Sunhwa’s management company for their kiss and give him the date when they have agreed that Kwanghee and Sunhwa are allowed to kiss.  Oh em gee, it’s so funny!  Calling upper management for a kiss!

Stay tuned for next week 😀




2 thoughts on “Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 159

  1. Yeah, they’re calling upper management because: a) Korean mgmt companies treat their entertainers like children (someone, send Lindsay Lohan to *North* Korea, please, and get h the full treatment, squatting with arms up and all) and b) *they don’t really want to kiss!* $100 says Kwanghee brought his former hags to this restaurant and Sunhwa knows it!

    • Lol I agree. Their case is more like b). I think they’re friends and really want to just stay friends.

      But that whole conversation with the boss is so funny! The boss asked him to hold it in hahahaha!

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