Pretty Little Liars: The Girls Edition ♥


I finally finished Pretty Little Liars Season 1 from start to finish. Yes. Within a week and a half, I managed to get down the first season, and OH MY GAWD at the end. It’s  full of drama, great fashion and hot (but dangerous) boys.

There are characters in the beginning where you think you like them, maybe starting to trust them a little and then BAM, you see them locking lips with someone that you would TOTALLY NOT EXPECT THEM TO BE LOCKING LIPS WITH. Sorry for the caps.


The thing about me, is that when I’m into a scene, whatever happens really affects me. If it’s supposed to make you laugh, then I’m laughing like a hyena chasing it’s cousin. If it’s supposed to make you cry, my garbage tin in my room can’t contain all the tissues I’ve used up. And if it’s suppose to scare you, I don’t care if my boss is right there, I’m going to jump outta my skin and scream!

Boy talk shall come later,  let’s focus on the four girls today! Which one do you relate to?

Hanna Marin

Rosewood High’s “It Girl.” She had it tough growing up and tried to make herself thin to fit in, resulting in bulimia. Because of a rough past she builds up a wall around her and acts tough to protect herself, but in reality she has a soft heart and is searching for someone to love her. Her tough act scares away most boys but the one who really loves her sees through her and loves her for who she is.

Aria Montgomery

She’s always struggling to figure out what’s right morally and what’s right in her heart. She falls in love with her English teacher and tries to fight it but emotions get in the way of doing what’s right. They both have to figure out how to deal with the situation on hand while trying not to get caught. She tries not to take sides when her family falls apart and continues hoping for the best.

Spencer Hastings

Ahhh. The sibling rivalry. Spencer is part of an over-achieving family with parents in high places in society, always trying to find excuses to show off their two girls. Spencer studies very hard and practices tennis hard just to try to outshine her older sister and win the approval of her parents. She is a brave soul that always has room for a second opinion on the accused, and even falls in love with somebody misunderstood his whole life.  Spencer does things the right way and when questioned, will always find a way to fight back with reverse psychology in mind.

Emily Fields

Emily is known to be the sweetest girl among the four main characters. However, she’s the one that’s struggling the most within herself as she finds out who she is emotionally and physically. She tries to convince herself that she’s normal and continues to date boys until she meets someone that changes the view of herself forever. Emily is honest to herself, and will never let anyone change that.

I enjoy the four different characters and the different dynamics that they bring into the series. I think out of the four, other than TOTALLY NOT being an “it girl” (LOL! 😀 ), I mostly relate to Hanna Marin. Building walls failed, and as time grew on and my boyfriend and besties eventually found the heart that was lying underneath those walls!

Who do you think represents you the most and why? 😀

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