Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 158


Kwanghee is driving with Sunhwa in the passenger seat. They start chatting about watching the broadcast of We Got Married with the new couple, Jinwoon and Junhee. Sunhwa says that now they are lacking in terms of ‘visual’ with the new couple added to the show. Kwanghee disagrees saying that they have THE face. Poor guy only looks like this with multiple plastic surgeries. Even plastic surgeries have limits. And make up too. It is obvious that Kwanghee is wearing so much cherry red lip gloss. Even I don’t wear as much. Kwanghee mentions that Junhee is very daring fashion wise with her mini skirt and that garter belt that makes people go crazy. He says that Junhee’s outfit is very sexy. I agree with Kwanghee but her outfit does send wrong kinda message.

Sunhwa told Kwanghee to work out because Jinwoon has a great body. She has seen Jinwoon working out before and she finds him sexy. Kwanghee gets jealous being compared to Jinwoon.

Sunhwa wants to go for a workout. Trying to get out of it, Kwanghee suggest they go roller skating or do something they can enjoy together. Sunhwa insists on going for a workout with her Kwanghee saying that competitive spirit helps her workout better.


They arrive at a gym with Sunhwa’s fitness instructor at the door. Sunhwa tattletales on Kwanghee saying that he’s been on an intensive diet but do not excercise so he lacks muscles and stamina, he is really weak and has sagging skin. Kwanghee feels smaller and smaller as she goes on. He thinks it’s a mistake coming to the gym.


They change into their workout gear and decide to measure their height. Kwanghee gets nervous about his height. On Strong Heart (강심장) it has been revealed that he really is 173cm but faking it to be 179cm. Kpop idol groups and their insoles! He gets measured and it turns out that he is 175.2cm. Kwanghee was elated.

Refusing to believe it, the fitness instructor gets on to measure his height. He claims that he is 174cm tall. The measurement turns out to be 172cm. The fitness instructor then accused the machine for pressing down on their heads a little too hard shaving off 2cm. Kwanghee takes the opportunity to say that in reality he is supposed to be 177cm.

Dumbfounded, Sunhwa decides to measure her height next. She says that she is 164.5cm tall. It turns out that the measurement says that she is 162.2cm. Immediately she joins the boys with saying that there definitely is something wrong with the machine.


Next, they check their body composition. Kwanghee steps on the scale first. The fitness instructor declares that Kwanghee is Spiderman. He gets excited and does the Spiderman pose. What the fitness instructor meant was that Kwanghee was literally spider man. His betty sticks out but he has long arms and legs. Kwanghee is disappointed. His problem is with skeletal muscle mass because it does not even reach the minimum amount. The fitness instructor shows him Sunhwa’s results. Her skeletal muscle mass is pretty impressive at almost half her weight. She doesn’t look like she works out to me because she does tend look a little frail. The fitness instructor warned Kwanghee that he is going to have a tough time keeping up with Sunhwa because her stamina is top notch.


They start with stretching. Kwanghee questioned the fitness instructor whether he touches his students when they workout. The fitness instructor explains that it is required for him to check muscle extension.


They move on to the next stretching pose and the fitness instructor takes care of Sunhwa’s top because it was exposing her back. With a burst of jealousy, Kwanghee said that he shall be the one to take care of it.

Kwanghee wonders whether all Secret members come to the same gym to workout. The fitness instructor said that they used to but now that they have a very hectic schedule they don’t. Kwanghee praises Sunhwa for keeping it up despite her busy work schedule but then ruins it when he said that Hyo Sung has a naturally slender body. The instructor praises Sunhwa for her great butt giving it a thumbs up. LOL.


Kwanghee asks if there is some other female celebrities that the fitness instructor would like to date. Taking a glance at Sunhwa, the instructor says that Han Sunhwa is the prettiest to protect her feelings. Sunhwa was outraged saying that he is lying. Kwanghee tweaks the question, now asking about all other female celebrities except Sunhwa. The fitness instructor whispers that he likes Han Ye Seul in general. Kwanghee tries to save the day saying all female celebrities with the last name Han are the prettiest: Han Ye Seul, Han Chae Young, Han Ga In. The fitness instructor chimes in with Han Sunhwa after some encouragement from Sunhwa.


Trying to dig up some dirt, Kwanghee asks the fitness instructor if Sunhwa has ever gone to him for dating advice. Apparently she has and she asked whether all men like women with big boobs. LOL. The instructor said that he would lie to her if she wasn’t close to him. Instead he told her the truth saying that 80% of South Korean men prefer women with big boobs. I doubt the percentage. Should be higher than that! Ha!

Sunhwa gets a little annoyed and says that she will meet the other 20% of the population. The fitness instructor comforts her saying that she does not lack anything: perfect skin, nice butt and a good person. No mention about bust. LOL. Sunhwa says that she is so irritated that she cannot exercise anymore. The fitness instructor suggested that they should release their anger through exercising.


They move onto abdominal exercises. Sunhwa does sit ups while holding a 3kg ball behind her head. Sit ups are hard enough without weights! The instructor switches to Kwanghee and starts with the basic sit ups without weights. Kwanghee does the first few alright but towards the end he starts to feel the strain. He is then handed the 3kg ball. He could not even do one properly. His form is bad and his lower body is moving all over the place instead of being grounded. It’s actually really easy to hurt yourself that way.

20130226-154946.jpg 20130226-154952.jpg

The next exercise is lifting 10kg weights. It is supposed to help prevent back problems. Honestly viewing it seems like it is going to cause back problems. She’s lifting the weights with an arch on her back. I don’t know anything about weight lifting but I do some yoga so maintaining a straight, flat back is always the goal. Probably does not apply here but that arch does look a little freaky. It is Kwanghee’s turn and he does a bad job as expected.

The instructor increases the weights to 40kg. Sunhwa is pretty impressive picking up something her full weight and do that many reps. Kwanghee cannot even lift up the weights. He’s a walking comedy show.

In the interview, Kwanghee admits that he is quite embarrassed with is fitness level. Sunhwa on the other hand admits that she is pretty athletic and used to do mountain climbing when she was in high school.


Kwanghee is tired and he tries to leave asking if that was the entire workout they will be doing for today. The fitness instructor says that they need to proceed to martial arts. It’s a routine Sunhwa uses to burn calories if she does not have a lot of time to exercise. Kwanghee tries the routine, kicks but misses the mark. Sunhwa advice that he should think of a situation when he is very angry. There is a significant improvement.


They move on to the chin up machine much to Kwanghee’s horror. Same story. Sunhwa does better than Kwanghee. Sunhwa asks him to do chin ups as much as he likes her. He does some while wailing that he likes her. He is clearly out of energy not being able to do another chin up but still continues with his wailing.


It’s a neverending story. Time to do some cardio! I would be on my hands and knees by then. They move to the treadmill for some interval training. Sunhwa does some breath control with Kwanghee saying “Yu, yu” then “ee, ee” which Kwanghee puts together and screams “Uee!” Sunhwa asks her instructor if he likes Uee (of After School) and he answered that he prefers Sunhwa. Kwanghee said that in the event that the instructor did not know Sunhwa… Then the instructor mouths “Uee.” Sunhwa then asks her instructor who has the better body between Uee and herself. Hesitantly the instructor said that Sunhwa has the better body but his eyes meet Kwanghee’s to send the opposite message. I like this fitness instructor. He goes with the flow of the show and contributes to the humour.


Kwanghee is glad that Sunhwa enjoys exercising together and is considering working out more often.


4 thoughts on “Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 158

  1. He spends all that on his face but his body? Plus, he’s a dancer, so shouldn’t he at least do Pilates?

    Btw, kwanghee seems like he’s really gay, not metro.

    • Lol I saw Ze:a on music bank a long time ago and Kwanghee is seriously a bad dancer and singer. Don’t know if he’s improved since then. His movements are very feminine. I think he’s more of the talk show kind XD

      • How did he even get a job as pop idol? I’ve seen him on Vampire Idol, and he seemed pretty good there when he did it, but he could’ve been dubbed.

        Dude needs some Pilates. Like now.

      • Probably that mouth of his got him the job! Sometimes they have one or two entertainers in the idol group. They will be the ones to go on variety shows to promote their group.

        Take SuJu for instance. Variety: leeteuk, eunhyuk, shindong; acting: siwon etc…

        Yeah he better clock in some gym hours! Reminds me of his muscle t-shirt he wore to the beach in Hawaii during the WGM shoot.

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