What’s in my purse!


Here’s a peek into littlesheepy’s purse!

I believe the contents of a girl’s purse defines who she is personally. Does she carry a gazillion lipsticks? An ipad (I wish I did!)? I really enjoy watching What’s in my Purse videos on youtube, but I thought doing a blogpost would be less obnoxious. Without further ado, here’s the contents in my little black bag!

1. Starbucks refillable mug  – a girl’s best friend during those dreary mornings when all you want is to be back in bed!

2. Planner and pen – my work and social calendar in one ^_^

3. Smartphone Gloves – when one uses a smartphone, they need smartphone gloves! it feels so cool being able to text without taking off your gloves! har har.

4. Keys – self explanatory lol XD

5. Lotion – my hands get super dry in the winter. i like really thick lotions.

6. Zip wallet – i like zip wallets so nothing falls out. it matches my purse! dont you love the little bow :3 (thats why i bought it LOL sigh so geeky)

7. Compact mirror – gotta check out those pimples on the bus…. T_T

8. Makeup bag – girl’s essentials!

9. iPhone – inseparable

10. Earphones – inseparable  and most of the time tangled…

I’d like to know what’s inside YOUR purse! =)


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