Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 158


This episode continues where they are still at their first meal together at the Korean BBQ place.  Junhee asks Jinwoon about some of his preferences.  Jinwoon favours Korean food over Western food.  She then asks him if he prefers chocolates or candies.  He says that he hates both because he did not have a lot snacks growing up with his grandmother.  Junhee was a little upset because she has prepared some handmade chocolates for him as a gift.


Junhee says that she has prepared something for him according to the mission card but he will not like it.  She takes out a box with a big red bow on it.  Jinwoon sees the box and smiles saying that he likes it.  Well to get himself out of the hole he’s dug for himself, he said that he hates buying them but likes chocolates when someone gives it to him.  He is about to try one but Junhee warns him about the shape of the chocolates.


Jinwoon says that the shape doesn’t matter but rather it is the effort that matters.  Then he does that aegyo index finger waving at Junhee.  Emcees in the studio mock him, replicating his finger waving.


Well the chocolates do not look too bad.  She chose the prettiest out of the bunch she made.  He eats one and gives her a thumbs up.  How cute!


Junhee asks him if there is anything that he is hoping for now that he has a wife.  Maybe something he would like for breakfast.  Jinwoon wants rice in the morning with fresh side dishes, kimchi, fish and some stew.  Junhee, darling, you should have just offered him cereal with milk and a sunny side up.  She answers that she will be busy until April this year.


Junhee brings up the topic of learning how to cook and she reckons that Jinwoon will be good at it.  Jinwoon thinks that she should be the one learning how to cook.  Junhee mentions that she is only good at eating and Jinwoon should be the one to learn how to cook.  They agreed to learn how to cook together and support the one who has better skills.  Translation: after learning how to cook, the better cook will have to make all their meals.  Jinwoon acts like he didn’t hear her say that.  Twice!  Junhee asks Jinwoon if he likes a girl who can cook well and he said yes.  Junhee then says that she likes men who cook well.  He answers that they should both do well if that’s the case.


In the interview, Jinwoon says that he did not talk in that manner to win the argument but it just happened naturally.  Junhee seems to be a struggling (?) style.

20130223-224156.jpg 20130223-224203.jpg

On the other hand, Junhee describes Jinwoon as the kind that make you lost for words.  She wonders if it is because he’s smart or because he’s dated a lot or because he’s a player.  She concludes that he cannot be a player because he is only 23, a baby from her perspective.

They continue talking about the things that they would like to do.  Junhee wants to go to an amusement park together and Jinwoon suggests that they pack their own lunch.  Junhee is caught off guard again.  Jinwoon says he should be in charge of driving and she will be in charge of food.  Upon hearing this Junhee decides to go to the amusement park when the weather gets warmer.  He said they will be fine as long as they are dressed warmly.  She cannot win any argument she has with him.

Jinwoon has been recording for 2AM’s album that will be released soon.  Junhee wants to visit him at the recording studio sometime.  He says that she should bring some lunchboxes when she comes to visit.  He’s never giving up, is he?  Jinwoon says he will visit her at her drama filming as well.  He would cook something or hire a cooking van and cook on the spot.


A few days later, they come to a kitchen to learn how to cook.  And I think it’s time she fires her stylist.  She has some questionable wardrobe choices.  Red mini skirt with the garter belt and now this white jacket that makes her look like a polar bear.  Junhee is hoping that Jinwoon will be the better cook so he will do most of the work.  Both of them do not have the confidence to cook well so each of them is trying to push the task to the other.  Jinwoon says that even the instant noodles he cooks is inedible.

20130223-224221.jpg 20130223-224225.jpg

A chef comes to teach them how to cook.  He firsts gives them a test by asking them to julienne some daikon.  Junhee throws her whole weight into cutting the daikon.  That did not work out to well and looks a little dangerous so she changes up her technique.  She starts rolling the daikon while making cuts around it.  Jinwoon is doing a better job than Junhee but his cuts are thick and chunky.  The chef demonstrates how to do it well.  I learnt something new.  Now I will not stack slices of vegetable to julienne them, rather I will lay them out the way he did.

They start learning how to make stone pot rice.  Chef asks Junhee if she’s made rice before and he was answered with a nervous smile.  Jinwoon was shocked.  Chef consoles Jinwoon saying that when he was young he thought all women cook well.  They were given the right measurements for making the rice.  The rice is topped with chestnuts, sweet potato, gingko and mushrooms.


The second dish they try to make is salted oysters with kimchi.  Junhee cuts the napa cabbage roughly and with varying sizes.  Next, they make the seasoning then added the oysters to the napa cabbage and seasoning.


Junhee does not remember if she has put sesame oil in with her oysters.  She gets a pat on the head from Jinwoon who finds her insanely cute at that moment.  He describes the moment similar to when a baby does something cute and people wants to pinch the baby’s cheeks and go “aigo~~.”


They complete their salted oyster dish and stone pot rice.  Chef gives Jinwoon a 6/10 score for his food and an 8/10 for Junhee.  She was happy for a split second but then realizes her dark future in the kitchen because she’s the better cook.  Chef comments that her cutting skills needs improvement but her dish tastes better.

Chef gives them a challenge where they have to make seaweed soup, japchae and fried fish from the recipe he will be giving them.  Junhee picks the seaweed soup and fried fish while Jinwoon picks the japchae.  The chef leaves them to their task.


Junhee reads the instructions but does not seem to understand them.  Jinwoon doesn’t understand them either throwing in a lame joke.  That Jung Jinwoon user manual sure is useful.


Junhee chops mince each piece of garlic one by one then flatten it with a spoon.  Disaster in the making!  Jinwoon’s cooking skills is less worrying.


Junhee reads her instructions over and over again but never seem to understand them.  She gives up in the end and starts winging it.  Jinwoon jokes around with the crystal noodles saying that it’s alive.  Lame joke #2.  Junhee says to give her a sign next time he wants her to laugh at his jokes.  He is embarrassed by his own joke.  Jinwoon asked her if she’s lost his user manual because she should just laugh at his jokes.


She reads the instructions a million times and still does not get it.  Jinwoon jokes that she should memorize it because it will be on the test.  Junhee that’s your cue to laugh!  Jinwoon tells her to laugh because he was telling a joke.  She throws the beef and garlic in what seems to be a cold pan with sesame oil in it.  She does not even know the basic of heating up the oil first, throw in the garlic to infuse the oil, then the beef goes in.  She does not know how long to fry them for.  Jinwoon noticed her frying her garlic and beef in a frying pan and says that it should be done in a pot because water will need to be added to it.  She switches to a pot and pours all the contents of her frying pan into the pot.  She is in doubt whether or not to put in the seaweed to fry and she reads the instructions yet again.


Jinwoon starts pan frying his japchae but forgets to mix the seasoning ahead of time.  He throws in the seasoning while everything is in the pan.  He takes a taste of the japchae but it nearly burns his tongue.


At least neither one of them has set the kitchen on fire yet.  Maybe they should stick to takeout!



3 thoughts on “Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 158

    • I find their bantering adorable and funny. Jinwoon does seem to have the upper hand in all their arguments so he does appear controlling 😀

      TS, thank you for reading my recaps and commenting! Appreciate it 🙂

      • I’m enjoying your recaps! I hope you participate on the Dramabeans open thread too: last week there were two of us saying we liked Dad, Where Are You Going?

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