Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 158

Sad News: Apparently Julien and Seah are calling it quits. Their virtual marriage will be over soon. Not too sure how true the reports are but the virtual marriage usually ends when rumours start spreading. We just lost Lee Joon – Oh Yeon Seo couple and now another couple is leaving. I wonder who will be replacing them? I will definitely miss Julien and Seah because they are an entertaining duo. I have grown to love Seah more now that I have seen her fun and outgoing personality. I hope Julien gets casted in some Korean drama very soon (hey, Julien speaks more Korean than early day Daniel Henney) so we can all see more of him.


OK, back to the show! Lesson for today: How to Torture Julien Kang with Dried Fish.  There goes Kim Jung Min and Danny Ahn hitting Julien’s soles with dried fish. I don’t see how this will give grooms hwaiting spirit *ahem* for their first night.20130223-220916.jpg

Kim Jung Min asked the bride to dance and if she dances well he will stop hitting Julien. Seah asks Ji Hye (finally got your name, lady emcee!) to sing a song while she headbangs to it, bridal headgear and all. It is a little weak for Kim Jung Min’s taste so he keeps hitting Julien. Seah panics and started crazy dancing – Doing a wave, flapping, turning and jumping. Finally, he is happy with Seah’s crazy dancing and he lets go of Julien.

Immediately after, Danny Ahn excuses himself to leave because he has another live filming coming up. Julien fakes an angry tone saying that Danny Ahn is leaving once he is done with beating up Julien. Danny Ahn leaves with a warning that Julien will get back at him next time.


The people remaining sit down to chat. Lady emcee asked them about their first impression of each other. Seah’s first impression of Julien is that he is strong and dream like. Julien thought that Seah is beautiful and thought she was quite alright after talking to her over a meal. Seah is disappointed with the way he describes her. Ji Hye takes her side and say that it is frustrating to hear that from a woman’s point of view.


Jung Min takes Julien’s side saying that it was all unnecessary talk. Both Julien and Jung Min agreed that it is more important to show affection through actions than through words, for example not eating food that tastes bad. Julien then mentions the time when he did not eat the bad tasting ddeokbukki (spicy rice cakes) but he ate the delicious turkey she made. Jung Min weasels out of this one.

Julien was lectured by Ji Hye saying that he should have eaten the ddeokbukki even though they did not taste very good. Jung Min comes back for an attack where he says that this manner only exist when two people are dating. No married couple act that way. All the ladies were unimpressed with Jung Min’s reasoning.


Shin Da Eun says that Seah changes quickly. First impression of Seah is that she is very feminine. The night when they first met five years ago, their management company organized a karaoke party. Seah grab hold of toilet paper in each hand and danced for everyone. An embarassed Seah said that she stopped doing that two years ago and could not believe that her habit showed itself again five years ago. Everyone encourages her to show off her dance and she obliged.

Time for a meal! The food looks delicious and the presentation so delicate. I would not want to be doing the dishes after. They all enjoyed the delicious meal.

The guests leave after their meal, leaving Seah and Julien alone. Julien complains that his back and hips feel sore from the whole ceremony that day. Seah suggest they do something relaxing.

Julien and Seah go for a Thai massage. Seah seems to be enjoying the massage because it relieves all the tension in her body. Julien on the other hand is getting another beating from the masseuse. His face is twisted from the immense pain he is feeling. He tries to keep a strong exterior and soldier on but cries out in pain within seconds when the masseuse changes a different position.

20130223-221906.jpg 20130223-221924.jpg
Seah notices that the masseuse is enjoying her work. The masseuse confesses that she is a fan of Julien. He ends up begging her to be gentle since she is a fan of his. She grabs his arm, folds it then place his elbow at head height and Julien laughs from being ticklish. He is like a little boy.

He compares Thai massage to wrestling. Tough guy Julien is getting beat up by a masseuse who I believe is less than half his weight.

Curious at the rope with a tassel at the end hanging from the ceiling, Seah asks the masseuse what was the use of that rope. The masseuse answered that it was the rope they hold on to for back walking massage. Julien declines but Seah asks for a demonstration.


Next was an aroma massage. A topless Julien sure did make the two lady emcees happy. Seah takes over the aroma massage. She works Julien’s back and he asks her if she is angry because she is using too much force. She starts raising her voice. Julien wonders how many different voices she has. She shows off the first kind, a sweet and cute voice, the kind where she used when she first met him. The second kind was her singing rock music. The third kind was her opera voice and she sings Laschia Ch’io Pianga. By the way, the face tha Julien made in the last photo was not from pain, rather from Seah’s squeaky high note.

In the interview Seah says that Julien is touched by her song. (I think she’s in denial.). Julien says that he will never be bored a day in his life with someone like Seah because she puts on a different show everyday.


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