Iris 2: Thoughts


Most people are aware that sequels tend to fail more than impress. I enjoyed the first IRIS series and I am hoping that IRIS 2 does not crash and burn.

Like Iris, I am usually left a little confused every episode of Iris 2 and there are a lot of conversations lost in translation. I never seem to fully grasp every single detail of the entire episode but I understand the big picture. This has not stopped me from watching and liking the drama.


Like season 1, they are back in Hungary and filming at beautiful locations. Maybe Hungary tourism should take advantage of this to do an Iris and Iris 2 tour. The Korean drama addicts will be sure to pay lots of money for that. With the beautiful backdrop of Budapest, they have car chases, people shooting at each other, man falling off building, woman jumping off the bridge and blowing up a car on a bridge. Yeah, pretty action packed considering that all happen in one episode.


I am easily impressed my action scenes because I do not watch action movies very often. So maybe don’t take my word for it when I say the action scenes are very impressive 😀 But it really is! Iris 2 has kept up the good work with all those large scale action scenes, much like season 1.


Ah, the beautiful cast. What more can I say? Lee Da Hae is still so beautiful even though it has been years (and years and years) since I saw her on My Girl. The great cinematography helps too. Tried but gave up watching her on Chuno and Miss Ripley. I think the genre really did not stick with me.


This is the third time Lee Da Hae and Jang Hyuk are cast in the same drama. Well at least this time they are by each other’s side and not like Chuno where Lee Da Hae spends most of her time running away from Jang Hyuk. Something tells me that their romance in Iris 2 will be short lived. Déjà vu perhaps?


Even the hired hit(wo)man is a pretty girl. I think I’m more impressed at how both the assassin and the NIS agent does not have a single strand of hair out of place after an intense fight scene.


There will be more idol group members casted in this drama. As far as I know there is Yoon Doo Joon of B2ST playing the second male lead and Lee Joon of MBLAQ will be joining the show somewhere down the road. Since people are dropping dead like flies in this drama, I think there will be plenty of opportunities for other people to be casted. They can never seem to have too many tech-y roles.


I am glad to see Baek Sung Hyun on Iris 2. He played the younger brother of the female lead on Big. At least something good came out of that terrible drama. I enjoyed his crazy acting on Big and am glad to see him again. He had an “Oh-ow” line in episode 2 of Iris 2 and I have been wondering if it is a reference to Big.


Ajusshi (uncle) actors galore: Section Chief Park, the former president, Baek San, Park Chul Young, the guy who fled to Cambodia, just to name a few characters. These ajusshi actors can make an entire drama come alive. Solid acting skills and great execution. But their roles on this drama does not seem to be very long lasting because they too are dropping dead a little too quickly.

The soundtrack and sound effects are brilliant. That combined with the thrilling action sequence had me at the edge of my seat. Literally. At the end of every episode my heart will be pounding fast. This drama is not recommended for those with heart problems 😉 The cliff-hangers at the end of each episode are amazing and sure to keep you coming back for more.


By the way, who is this guy that plays the baddie? I have a feeling I’ve seen him before… somewhere. And he only speaks English. Was he on King 2 Hearts?


Here’s to hoping that this series only gets better and that it lives up to everyone’s expectations.


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