Superfood 101: Avocados

Okay. I have to admit. Even though I graduated and work in the health industry, I don’t always have the healthiest lifestyle choices when it comes to snacking. I’m sure most of you can relate! Give me a bag of chips or popcorn and I’ll be happy as a clam. I’ll be occasionally writing about “superfoods” that are great alternatives to snacking and even greater for health benefits. Today’s topic will be about a little green giant: the avocado.

avocadoPicture from Pintrest

First off before we get into deets with avocados, you may ask me what exactly is a superfood. Though the term “superfood” is not an official medical term used by physicians and dietarians, a superfood usually holds an extensive amount of good fats and proteins that benefit your health.

1. Is the weight scale your best friend? (Mine is!)
Half an avocado contains fibers that help keep your digestive system running smoothly. They also help make you feel full and satisfied longer because the fibers help slow down the breakdown of carbs in your body. This means you won’t be going back to the pantry to snack as often! It’s time to put away that scale.

2. Always squinting when you’re driving or in class?
Avocados contain lutein (a carotenoid) that works as antioxidants and helps keep your eyes from diseases. That means more time away from the ophthalmologist clinic and spending more time doing something you actually enjoy.

3. Your friend for lowering cholesterol levels
High cholesterol is widely known for being one of the main risk factors in heart attacks. Avocados contain a certain acid that helps with lowering cholesterol and keeping your heart happy and healthy!

There are many more properties and interesting facts related to this little green giant that are beneficial to your health, but another thing that makes it so great is that it tastes so DARN YUMMY. Maybe the next time you have an urge to snack, maybe grab one of these little guys instead of a bag of chips!

What do you guys think about avocadoes? Do you like preparing it with something in a recipe or eating it raw? I usually don’t have the patience to prepare something with it so I just scoop it out of the shell and eat it as is.

What are your favourite avocado recipes? Share with us shoemakers in the comments! 🙂


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