Dad, where are you going? (아빠, 어디가?) K-Variety Show

Looking for something new to watch that makes you go “aww…” every few minutes? Then this is the show for you. This show is about 5 celebrity fathers and their kids going on a trip to remote villages without mommy. Living conditions can be quite harsh because the villages are located in the middle of nowhere. The fathers are actor Lee Jong Hyuk (A Gentleman’s Dignity! Awesome drama!), national soccer player Song Jong Kook, actor Sung Dong Il (this guy is so funny in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox), singer Yoon Min Soo, and TV host Kim Sung Joo. All of them brought their sons on the show except Song Jong Kook who brought his daughter, Ji Ah. It’s a challenge for the fathers because they have to be both mommy and daddy while they are on the trip. The kids struggle with new living conditions and nights without mommy tucking them into bed *sobs*.

The kids warmed up to each other pretty quickly to the point that there is even a love line! One of the little boys has a crush on Ji Ah. They are given games and missions to decide their dinner and sleeping quarters. Think 2 days 1 night (1박 2일) kids style. While completing their missions, they get side tracked playing with little puppies. LOL. Losing in games is met with tears, tantrums and sulking. And for you 2 days 1 night fans out there please don’t worry because there are no starvation and sleeping outside in the snow on this show :D. *Edit: I take that back. There IS sleeping outside in a tent on a very cold day LOL!

Get the links to English subbed episodes below!

These episodes are currently subbed by Shia & Reagy. Watch it now and don’t forget to thank them for their subs!

UPDATE June 14: Shiareagy, Daebaksubs and Djjangsubs websites have been shut down so some of the following links are not working. I’ll update the links with working ones when it is available.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

***Episode 3 Spoiler***
The cutest part was when Hoo hugs Ji Ah out of the blue and was seen by Ji Ah’s dad (Song Jong Kook). Ji Ah’s daddy calls Hoo over and tells him to ask his permission next time before hugging Ji Ah.
Dearest Hoo, take advice from this noona (older sister), Ji Ah’s daddy will not let you get anywhere near her even if you ask. I bet he’s probably already considering a restraining order. Tsk tsk.
Song Jong Kook ajusshi, wait till you daughter is in high school and brings home her first boyfriend to meet you. Menbong 멘벙 (mental breakdown)!

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8 subbed by kshownow

Episode 9 subbed by kshownow

Episode 10 subbed by kshownow

Episode 11 subbed by kshownow

Episode 12

Episode 13 shiareagy and Daebaksubs collaboration

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 17

Update(March 7):

I have been feeling a little guilty that this post has been getting so many hits but I only wrote a simple post about the show. So here are some improvements to the post!

Who’s your daddy?

Hoo – Yoon Min Soo (singer)
The superstar of the show and his daddy! I like their father-son relationship because Yoon Min Soo really tries to talk and reason with Hoo. Sometimes he is just messing with his son to test his love for food versus his love for his dad, or more importantly his love for Ji Ah versus his love for his dad.

Junsu – Lee Jong Hyuk (actor)
This father-son duo is more like two silly boys having fun together. The most I remember about Lee Jong Hyuk is him falling asleep every opportunity he has, then his little boy falls asleep next to him not long after. Junsu has endless ‘why’ questions and is bad at memorizing stuff. Every time there is a game that involves memorizing, Lee Jong Hyuk grabs hold of his son’s head and sighs.

Ji Ah – Song Jong Kook (soccer player)
Ji Ah and Song Jong Kook are the only father-daughter combo on the show. He loves his daughter dearly and is often seen giving her a piggyback if she is too tired of walking. He even playfully admitted that he loves his daughter more than his son in the first episode. Song Jong Kook is pretty hopeless in the kitchen, only making the rice during their first trip (which earned him oohs and aahs from his little girl) and putting a fish DIRECTLY on burning coals when he prepared breakfast.

Jun – Sung Dong Il (actor)
They have a very distant father and son relationship. Sung Dong Il admits that he does not know how to have a good relationship with his son because he himself did not have a father figure while he was growing up. Being married and having children at a late age also widens the gap between father and son. Jun admits that he was very afraid of his father but through the show realizes that his father loves him and is not so scary after all. I think this father and son duo benefited the most out of this show than any other.

Min Guk – Kim Sung Joo (TV host)
A little genius paired with a not-at-genius-level dad rolled with a little rotten luck. After his dad spends hours setting up the tent, he takes one look at it, figures out how to set it up and the tent is up in a few minutes. Min Guk has been spending the night in the worst locations for the first two trips and owes that to misfortune and dad losing a game. This little guy does have a temper though. He throws nasty tantrums when he gets the short end of the stick.

My love, where are you going? (내 사랑 어디가?)

The raw, unsripted cute little loveline on the show between Hoo and Ji Ah! I wonder when Hoo will announce Ji Ah as his girlfriend. This little Ji Ah mania wants to be everywhere she is, calls out to her even though she is three feet away, calls her pretty and hold her hand. He keeps in mind which house Ji Ah will be staying for the night and runs towards the house whenever he has the freedom to do so. Yes, run, not walk. He denies that he likes Ji Ah when his dad asks him about it but his crush on her is very transparent. It’s almost as if he walks around with ‘I ª Ji Ah’ scrawled on his forehead. It is also rather interesting that he does not get jealous (yet) if the other boys spend time with Ji Ah. Maybe the possessiveness does not come so soon. Keep watching to find out how this budding romance turns out to be.

*Photos as credited


11 thoughts on “Dad, where are you going? (아빠, 어디가?) K-Variety Show

  1. I swear I’m dying from all the hilarity on this show, especially Hoo. I can’t decide what’s cutest, his telling Dad to say all the boiled eggs were burnt instead of that he ate them, his yelling after Jun, who tells him to shut up, his hugging Ji Ah (JiAh’s dad, don’t worry about it, this how all melodramas start), or his chewing nations when facing food.

    And those cheeks!

    Junsoo is adorable too, with his chewing the paper while searching for food.

    And the eldest, MinSuk, wow, he’s smart! I think that’s why he gets so mad: dad’s not stepping up to the plate.

    • Don’t forget the part where Hoo hugs Ji Ah to shield her from the ‘dangerous’ refrigerator! And also how he screams at Ji Ah every waking minute to be careful and not walk in the snow. He gets the most air time cos he’s so adorable! All the other kids are overshadowed by Hoo.

      We need to see more of Junsu and Jun. Junsu has his own mischievous antics especially the endless ‘why’ questions.

      Min Guk and the tent. Just brilliant. He need to ditch his Dad on these missions! But he does have a temper…

      Nope! There’s no need for Kwanghee on this show!

      • I just saw that bit with the fridge again. Too funny. The other two kids are really cute too, Junsu in particular, but with Hoo, it’s a nonstop comedy show. Adorable.

  2. Did you see ep 4? I think Sung Dong Il feels guilty about Min Guk and so tries to get him indoors. And MinGuk’s people he admires? Edison first (engineering skills) and then his dad. And he tells his dad he knows dad has lots of money because he sees how he spends it (we’ll assume dad doesn’t rack up credit card debt). And he writes a diary.

    Also, so funny when Hoo and JiAh’s dads give up and cook breakfast together. Judging from later eps in the raw, and I think the dads will end up buddies too.

    • You’ve beat me to it! I’m only on part 3 of episode 4. Dong Il is not as mean as I thought he was. Both he and Jong Kook asked Min Guk to sleep indoors. Too bad Min Guk’s daddy is a scardy cat and refuses to sleep outdoors by himself.

      You sure are a huge fan of the show even watching the show raw! I guess the aegyo translates well even without subs 🙂

      • Yes, it’s my “crack” show these days. 🙂 But I wish the subs would come sooner because when I see and understand what they are saying, I feel like I’m there with them. Right now, it’s just watching people far away.

  3. This is one of the lousiest and silliest show I’ve ever watched. Spend an hour watching kids doing silly things? Come on. Go to an elementary school then.

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