Restaurant Review: Sushi Garden (Burnaby)

The three of us ordered the Party Tray – Medium for 2 to 3 People which was $26.90 in total.

First tray included: ebi (shrimp), hokigai (surf clam), tobico (salmon roe), tuna, salmon.


I didn’t eat any ebi because I am allergic to shrimp. I really enjoyed the chewiness and flavour of the hokigai. The pieces of hokigai flesh were fresh and big, and I sorta felt like a man munching on them. We didn’t enjoy the tobico sushi, as the salmon roe were too small and had a weird crunchiness to it. If I wanted to devour salmon roe, I’d much prefer their Ikura roll. I am usually a fan of salmon sashimi, but today the tuna piece was very fresh. I stepped out of my comfort zone and actually dipped it in soy sauce, and it was like a taste of heaven.

Finally, I really loved the salmon sushi. I can never get over the delicious, fatty salmon meat melting in your mouth as you try to talk to your friends. Yes, with your mouth full. Sorry mom:)

Second tray came with their dynamite and BC roll.


I usually don’t order dynamite rolls so it was a nice change from my comfort zone. For the BC Roll, I hate wasting food. I had to take out the bbq salmon skin and eat it separately and enjoy the rest of the sushi.

I really enjoyed their chop scallop roll. It was creamy and had the right textures blended together. Oh, for the love of avocados! Yes, I’m looking at you, California Rolls. I could eat the whole roll there but of course I had to be gracious and polite and share with the girls. I just simply love eating anything with avocados and of course, IMITATION CRAB MEAT. Yes, sue me. I am easily pleased.


The service was very quick and friendly and the waiter set a pitcher of hot tea at our table for easy access. The food came out faster than I expected it to be.

But just to be warned, the restaurant can get pretty loud even for late lunch hours so if you were hoping for a nice quiet chat time with girlfriends, don’t. We had to talk pretty loud just to hear ourselves, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time with a neighborhood favourite.


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2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Sushi Garden (Burnaby)

  1. I love sushi garden! I go there all the time when I’m feeling cheap and craving sushi 🙂
    Just a thought…. tobico is not actually salmon roe…it’s roe from capelin (smelt) whereas ikura is actual salmon roe. It’s a bit confusing, and a common misconception 🙂

    Great review though! I usually order rolls, but since my bf and I are usually starving when we go to sushi garden, I think we’ll order the party tray next time!

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