Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 154

We Got Married is a South Korean variety (reality) show that pairs two Korean celebrities in a virtual marriage.  I still cannot completely grasp the point of this show but yet I have been watching it for years.  It is interesting how they are allowed to build a relationship that is partially scripted on TV, yet discouraged to have one when the cameras are off.  Fans who love the pairings encourage the celebs to date outside of the show, but those that hate the pairing send threatening letters and what not to the celebs.  Well I guess it is good for a show to have polar reactions from fans because it means that it is getting the attention it needs.

Kwanghee-Sunhwa couple


The show picks up from last week where Kwanghee and Sunhwa get their Tarot card readings for fun.  Sunhwa asks about their compatibility and the two are ecstatic when the Tarot lady said that they have a deep connection.


Their next question was about who likes the other more.  They draw a card each and it revealed that Kwanghee is the giver while Sunhwa is a receiver.  Sunhwa is said to be shy and cannot express her feelings toward Kwanghee.  Tarot lady says that there will be a reversal in the future, much to Kwanghee’s glee.


Sunhwa proceeds to ask whether it is possible for them to get married in real life.  The cards predict that Sunhwa will have thoughts of marriage in October this year, but these thoughts will not occur in 2015.  There is a possibility for them to be married in 2014 and 2018.  They will have a child if they get married before 2018. (Or maybe the correct meaning is a high possibility of a shotgun wedding before 2018?)  Sunhwa and Kwanghee get all embarrassed.


The last question was about Kwanghee’s blessing in 2013.  According to the Tarot lady his personality and position will be “upgraded”.  Kwanghee was so happy he had a psychotic break of joy for a split second.

Next, we see them at their newlywed house.  Kwanghee showed off the trophy that he got during the year end awards and Sunhwa admired it with oohs and aahs.

Kwanghee promised Sunhwa that he will cook her something delicious.  He wants her to have some healthy chinese medicinal herbs.  Kwanghee made Sunhwa guess what other dish he will be making for her.  Sunhwa asks how many feet does this animal have.  According to Kwanghee’s logic fishes have one foot.  One foot?  Really, Kwanghee?  Sunhwa correctly guessed carp.  Kwanghee had gloves for Sunhwa that will ensure her hands remained tied together so that he can prepare the dishes personally.  I wonder where he got those gloves from.  Those are adorable!


Sunhwa requested Kwanghee to piggyback her to the kitchen.  There is definitely something about piggybacks and Korean TV.  There will always be a piggyback scene in every Korean drama.  I guess that is how they define romance.

photo 1 photo 2

Kwanghee started preparing the chinese medicinal herbs by pouring sachets of herbs into a clay pot / medicinal kettle.  Sunhwa tried to help Kwanghee with her tied hands, but he caught her and he shooed her hands away for trying to help.  He’s treating her like a princess for the day.

photo 3

Kwanghee moves on to prepare the steamed carp dish for Sunhwa.    From previous episodes we know that Kwanghee is afraid of fish heads.  He cannot look at the fish head without causing him to fake vomit.  He untied his black plastic bag to reveal a huge carp. He mans up, grabs the fish and dumped it in the sink.  Sunhwa screaming in the background is not helping the already grossed out Kwanghee.

photo 4 photo 5

Kwanghee covers the fish head with a dish cloth to avoid having eye contact with the fish.  He begins to descale the fish with a knife, taking out large amounts of the skin with it.  I wonder why he did not ask his fishmonger to descale and clean the fish beforehand.

photo 11 photo 12

Kwanghee and all his craziness cuts off the fins and tail.  At this point the fish looked very battered.  He then cuts open the fish abdomen with a pair of scissors to clean out the guts.  Sunhwa thinks he is doing it wrong and suggested cutting the fish with a knife instead but Kwanghee opposed to it with a scream.

photo 13

Unconvinced, Sunhwa tries to look up what a steamed carp is supposed to look like.  Feeling frustrated with those gloves, she removes them and tossed them on the kitchen counter.  This was met with a whiny Kwanghee protesting her to keep her hands away from helping him.  She promises that she will only do an online search.  Kwanghee is determined to cut off the fish head eventhough after searching online, the head is supposed to be intact.

photo 1

At this point the fish was descaled, skinned, beheaded and with its fins and tail cut off.  It is beyond recognizable it might as well be chicken.

photo 2 photo 3

With the carp in the steamer, Sunhwa and Kwanghee started on the flavouring for the fish.  What happened to Sunhwa being the princess for a day?  Kwanghee puts on the gloves to show that he will not be interfering with the flavourings.  The fish is cooked enough and they added the flavouring and vegetables to the dish.

photo 17 photo 18

Kwanghee and Sunhwa talked about the accident Sunhwa was in.  She recalled that she was having chocolate ice cream in the car when the accident happened.  She thinks that she owes her life to the chocolate ice cream because she could taste it while she was rolling down the hill.  What a way to lighten up the topic of a car accident.  Kwanghee asks whether she thought about him when she was hurt.  She said she did but could not bring herself to call him.  Kwanghee questioned Sunhwa why and she admitted that she was playing hard to get even then.

photo 19

Sunhwa was impressed with the text message and call she received from Kwanghee.  He wishes that they will stay healthy and safe this year.

photo 20

Kwanghee and Sunhwa had a performance together for the year end special programs and Sunhwa asked Kwanghee why he insisted on a rehearsal before the show.  He replied that it was so that he could see her more often.

Sunhwa complained that they did not do anything on Christmas.  They texted and called each other and confirmed that they did not have anything special planned for Christmas day.  Sunhwa said that she thought he would ask her out that day because he called.  They concluded that it was alright to miss each other as long as they have each other on their minds.

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