Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 154

Best Picture from this episode:


This episode picks up from last week where Julien celebrated Seah’s birthday. He leads her up to the garden / patio where it was covered in snow saying that it is her cake. The snow is the whipping cream and they are going to make a cake out of snow.


Julien told Seah that they need to make a snow angel together. Seah, not knowing what a ‘snow angel’ was, understood what Julien wanted to do when he flapped his arms. Her response was “Oh that? Struggling on the ground?” Isn’t she adorable? Sometimes the language barrier between these two is just so adorable.



Seah wanted to enact a scene where she is a top actress and Julien is the director who wants her to act out a scene of her making a snow angel. She puts on her diva actress persona picking faults at the snow and agreed to making a snow angel after Julien the Director begged her. They throw themselves on the ground, flapped about then got up to take in their masterpiece. That is one massive snow angel with a puny one next to it. Julien can come and make a snow angel in my garden anytime when it snows. 😛 Seah’s snow angel head got cut off by Julien’s snow angel wings.



Still in their director and top actress roles, Seah suggested the next scene: rolling around in snow. It is based on the movie “Love Story”. Seah then asked Julien if he’s played “catch me if you can”. You can tell Julien is clueless just by the way he responded to Seah’s cheeky “catch me if you can~~”.

20130203-124839.jpg 20130203-124850.jpg 20130203-124901.jpg

Looking like a lost puppy, Julien scooped up some snow and tosses it into the air. Seah doesn’t give up as she gives it a second try, acting like she’s running away from Julien then intentionally falling on the ground. Julien accommodates, rushes to her side and asked if she was alright. Seah lets out a high pitched laugh then says that it was a joke. Julien misses his cue and had to receive direction from Seah to roll around in the snow. Seah then said if we rolled around and accidentally rolled close to each other… Camera cuts to Julien and he started spraying snow. Yeah, so much for scoring points with the ladies. His score is decreasing by the minute.


Julien gets a stern exclamation of “o-kkae-shi” (Mr. Shoulders, Seah’s nickname for Julien) from Seah. He goes into an automatic posture of regret, kneeling on both knees. Ha. That is probably reflex.


Seah wonders if he doesn’t know how to tell when there is an intense feeling between a man and a woman… Then Julien misinterpret that she must be feeling cold so he takes of his jacket and wraps her in it. Oh boy. Someone has got to educate Mr. Shoulders about romantic comedies and chick flicks. This guy is clueless.


Seah rolls with it, immediately switching her role to a dying woman in her lovers arms. Julien ad-libs his lines with: “Nooooo!” and “you need to wear more clothing!” I think Seah is acting like she’s dying from some sort of illness. Think along the lines of Autumn in My Heart (2000).


You think Julien is going to do something touching like the lead actor from a romance melodrama, but then he shakes the living hell out of Seah. It seemed to work to revive Seah because she says that she cannot die while being shaken like that. At this point, Julien is filming a war movie.

20130203-125828.jpg 20130203-125847.jpg

“Catch me if you can” Take 3. Seah tries her luck again, Julien runs after Seah saying that she’ll be dead if he catches her. No, not in a cutesy manner. He said it in a cold-blooded, murderous manner. He grabs some snow, forming a fist and aiming the snowball at Seah. She starts running in fear. A romantic movie has just turned into a horror movie.


In the interview room, the interviewer asks Julien whether he’s seen any romance movies before. He answered that he seldom watches them and his movie of choice would be the gangster and mafia movies. This guy looks like he could be in a romance movie or drama but he is oh so clueless about what works on screen. If he gets a role in a rom-com, the director better not give him any chance to ad-lib his lines.


Seah declares that they have act out another scene from a Japanese movie called “Love Letter”. Seah shouts “how are you?” and gets two NGs (not good / blooper) from Julien the Director for lacking energy and bad pronounciation.


Seah makes Julien demonstrate how he would have done it. He shouts “how are you?” with a loud voice, a cute expression and wide opened arms. What happen to a sorrowful, pained lover? Seah screams NG first, for his lack of sorrowfulness and a second time because of his underwear showing. Final take gets a helpless OK from Seah the Director, saying that his underwear exposure can be fixed by a mosaic.


The last scene Seah wants to act out is Edward Scissorhands sculpting his lover out of ice. Julien plays Edward Scissorhands while Seah throws snow in the air. He does ninja moves and turns making yet another movie look like a samurai movie. Julien’s passion gets translated as anger.


They started building a snowman. While they are at it, Seah tries another “catch me if you can.” Take 4. I admire this woman’s determination. Julien fails yet again making a romantic line sound funny. Julien grabs sticks and stones for the snowman’s face and hands. He comes back with a box of 8-inch candles for Seah’s birthday. All 36 of them. Seah gets irritated, grabs a candle, breaks it in half and tosses it away. Mr. Shoulders, didn’t you know that women stay 29 forever? Hey, there’s even a clothing line called Forever 21. Women above 21 shop there. Heck, even Mama Mushroom drops in for a browse! That’s how much we want to stay young.


Julien started sticking the candles on Mr. Snowman’s head, giving it  massive candle hair. Seah apologizes to Mr. Snowman for her age. She thinks that this is a cruel birthday party. Julien sings her happy birthday and she blows out her candles.


She misses one candle and she’s pretty upset with it. She blows out the last candle in regret.


They decided to have a chat about what they want to share with each other. Julien says that he does not like to aegyo (acting cute) for Seah. She asks him if he thinks about her outside of filming. He says that the thinks of her when he’s eating, when it’s cold outside and he wonders if she’s out there filming her drama. She asks why Julien does not call her when he thinks about her. He said that it is harder to speak Korean on the phone than in person. She mentions Kwanghee calls her more than he does.


He says that he texts her and there was once where she did not reply him. Scene cuts to Seah in the interview room, and she said that Sunhwa taught her play hard to get by not replying all of Julien’s text. Seah said that it is nice that Julien remembers that one time where she did not reply his text because it shows that he cares. Seah made a comment that playing hard to get is a better game played for those in their 20s as people in their 30s have much to lose.



The atmosphere turns a little sour when Seah asks Julien why he went clubbing without her. He explained that it was for his friend’s party. She questions him on his friend and whether there are girls that hung out with them. Julien defends successfully with every question Seah throws at him. He looks like he’s done this before… He wins the war in Korean even though Seah is the one with the better command of the language.

Julien suggests that they go to a club immediately to celebrate her birthday. He’s trying to make it up to her.


They headed to a club in Itaewon. They start dancing and Seah shows her crazy, dated dance moves…

Watch the next episode to find out what happens!

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