Sephora Collection Liquid Eyeliner

I love Sephora. I enjoy looking and playing with eyeshadows, lip colours and nail lacquer in every colour of the rainbow. Too bad I am always on a budget, otherwise I would buy the whole store!

Little Sheepy and I each bought a Sephora Collection Long-Lasting 12HR Wear Eyeliner. I got one in Navy Black and Little Sheepy got one in Dark Brown.

Navy Black – Dark Sapphire with Blue Glitter

I like this colour because it is dark enough to create a more dramatic look and the sparkles make the blue colour stand out.



Even though the description for the Dark Brown says Matte Dark Chocolate, I saw a tiny amount of copper glitter when I tried it on.

Dark Brown – Matte Dark Chocolate

A great thing about this formula is that it does not rub off easily. I tried some eyeliner on the back of my hand and it took a lot of tries to rub off. I did notice that the glitter got everywhere though. It came off easily with some soap and water.

Perhaps I’ll be a little more adventurous next time and try some of their more glittery eyeliners in Metallic Gold and Glitter Khaki.

♡ Mushroom


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