Littlesheepy’s Introduction!

For the first day of Februrary, I have decided to make an introduction to myself.
Typical Sheepy, always jumping ahead!


~ Little tidbits that make up Littlesheepy ~

♡  Loves eating (!).
♡ Has an adorable cat, which is the love of my life.
♡  Likes riding public transit because it gives me a few extra minutes to catch up on beauty sleep.
♡  Will always put my heart into anything and almost always surprises myself with the end result (good or bad, lol).
♡ Favourite show: Pretty Little Liars ❤

ミ  Not a big fan of soy sauce. Actually, there is a story behind this. More on this later 😉
ミ  Only orders vanilla lattes at Starbucks! Please let me know what drink you like to order when you go to Starbucks in the comments! I’d like to be more adventurous for the year of 2013.
  I am a self-proclaimed emotional baker.

I’ve decided to become more constructive with my time…. and actually blog, instead of just being addicted to reading blogs. But what’s better than blogging by yourself, than blogging with a group of friends!

So there you have it.

♡ Littlesheepy: an eater, dreamer, and an emotional baker.  ♡


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