Hotel Transylvania Movie Review

Duration: 91 mins
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Starring: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez

Hotel Transylvania is a Tim Burton-style animation movie about a strict, serious as bread, overprotective father known as Count Dracula.  I started watching the movie with little to no expectations as I watched ParaNorman (2012) a month or so before, and I wasn’t sure if the movie had a point to it at all. I remember picking at the blankey I was cuddled in and yes, falling asleep.

Dracula has been mistakenly known his whole life to mankind as a blood sucking evil monster who hates the human race, and runs a strict hotel to keep his fellow monsters safe from the evils of human kind. Men who drift off too far into the woods of the Hotel never make it through the haunted forests, and are too frightened to tell the tales about it. Dracula actually has feelings and actually has felt love before (“Zinged”, as the movie describes it. Lol!), but humans killed his wife Martha because they knew she was a vampire. This lead to hatred for a lifetime for humans, and Dracula made his duty to protect their only child Mavis from humans forever. However, a human discovers their castle and the story unfolds with a “zing,” no pun intended.


Mavis begging her father Dracula for freedom at age 118

This movie is so hilarious and heart-warming, and it teaches us to move on from our fears and let go. There’s many things in life that we are afraid of, but if you’ve never tried,  how could you say you’ve reached happiness? From traveling (to “Haweewee”), to letting loose, and to finally feeling The Zing, Hotel Transylvania will put a smile to your face and maybe even pull your heart strings a little. There’s even a little concert at the end feat. Count Dracula!



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